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Edwards out: Making Sense of all the Coach Firings

January 24, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff 

herman edwards Edwards out:  Making Sense of all the Coach Firings

Well this year we have seen an unprecedented amount of coaches losing their jobs, coaches with winning teams and coaches with losing teams, as well as coaches who didn’t even get to finish the season.  It is important to take note of what actually is happening in NFL.  Many people are confused or surprised by the amount of caches getting fired and while it may seem ridicules it is only logically.

The reason that so many coaches have been sent packing is because of the initial firings of Crennel and Mangini.   With a number of other coaches being sent packing the week following the end of the regular season a domino effect was created.  As the Marque coaching minds of Crennel and Mangini hit the market; well as a slew of coordinators that are ready to be head coaches teams took note.  What this meant is that teams the likes of the Rams, Lions, and Browns had a chance to lock these great coaches in.   While teams on the bubble like Denver, Tampa Bay, Kansa City, New York Jets, and Raiders who may have been happy with the performance or at least the skill of their coaches were forced to make a decision.  This meant that if they did not get rid of these good coaches they would not be able to pick up the next crop of great coaches for some time.   So they released their head coaches to hit what is really a coaching free agent market.   With the successive firing of each coach like Mangini, Shannahan, Gruden, and now Edwards, teams would be stupid to let other teams pick these great coaches up, so in turn they got rid of their coaches.  What you are going to see really is a giant change of hands as most of these coaches end up as head coaches at another team.  Don’t expect this to happen again anytime soon as you will see all the great coaches will get at least 3 years to prove their worth meaning little coaching firings occurring during that time.


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