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T.O. Out. Why not trade him?

March 5, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff 

Pack your bags T.O.


Hold the Popcorn the Movie hasn’t started yet!!!


Well T.O. has been cut from the Cowboys and many people are asking why not trade him instead of cutting him.  The Cowboys gave up a lot to get Roy Williams and the possible could have gotten some of that back by trading T.O..  In this situation you have to weigh the pros and cons of this move, whenever you have a player like T.O. you can get a second round pick or proven vet in a trade but the trading block process is long and tedious (almost like litigation).   It could take all the way into the next season for them to get what they want from a trade and they might not even get what they want from trading T.O..  This would then bring the media circus back to Dallas again and put a lot of stress on the team.   The Cowboys decided to get rid of T.O. now,  just for the later reason.  By cutting T.O. he is no longer a part of the time and the organization can move on in new direction.   The main reason he was cut was because of the growing sentiment in the locker room and organization, with numerous people who are a part of the team both players and staff, that T.O. needed to go.  Also by doing this it is easy for the coaches to begin work on the plays and routes that they will focus on in the off-season if T.O. was on the trade block, they would still have to factor him in, just in case he was coming back next year.  Despite the value T.O. has as a trade the Cowboys made the right decision in cutting him.


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