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Former WWE Superstar Test is Dead

March 15, 2009 by AlexV 

And another relatively young pro wrestler goes down.

And another relatively young pro wrestler goes down.

I went onto the WWE’s website this morning and to my shock, the head article was that Test, former WWE Superstar and Motley Crue body guard, had passed away. I must say that after a good five seconds I was not surprised at all that another pro wrestler, whose last in-ring action was as recent as 2007, is dead. What angers me is the way the WWE attempts to commemorate his “passing” away.

The headline on their website reads “Test Passes Away” as if to suggest that the guy was 80 years old or something. Why the hell would they use that verbiage for a guy that couldn’t be more than 42 years of age? He obviously has “passed” by some cause that the WWE doesn’t want to get any bad press for.

What doesn’t sit well with me even more is the WWE’s half-hearted effort with a literally one paragraph article about the man. And they say they extend their “deepest condolences” to the Test family. I doubt the WWE even knows his damn family.

I’m not going to lie. I love pro wrestling. But some of the stuff they do is just way too obvious, and I’m not talking about the show itself. And even though Test was not one of the biggest headliners, and we still don’t know for sure how he left our world, he still deserves a little more than the obituary-like comments that his former employers gave him.


5 Responses to “Former WWE Superstar Test is Dead”

  1. CD Man on March 15th, 2009 8:36 am

    Why are you ragging on WWE for the way the posted content of Test’s passing on their website.
    What exactly did you want them to do? He is not currently working with WWE, so they did not have to say anything but they did and people like you rag on them for it.
    If they didn’t acknowledge his death what would you say about that? They are inconsiderate either way in your eyes and I don’t thinkyour treatment is fair.
    If it wasn’t for the WWE, Test probably never would have become the fine wrestler he was. I am truly sorry we did not see more of him. Infact I was surprised when I caught him on TNA last winter. He looked great and I thought he was going to stay with them.
    One of my favorite tag teams was T and A with Trish Stratus. They were awesome.
    Test is probably going to be autopsied and they will find that he died from some sort of heart failure. He was an obvious user and that is one of the pitfalls of using. it is really too bad.
    I thought it was interesting that on his last post on his MySpace page he mentioned how he had to eat every 2 hours on the flight. His using was important to him and he knoew it wouldn’t fly in the states so he wrestled out of the country.
    Don’t rag on the WWE. They did what was appropriate. Leave it at that.

  2. Ricky Davis Jr. on March 17th, 2009 1:45 am

    I’ll be honest WWE has been targeted, and will continue to be targeted because they are a US run company. They tell thier talent to use steriods and it is no secret. Their hasn’t been enough tests on the subject for anyone to know anything but I will tell you what it smells fishy to me! WWE does however care about thier talent, and I have seen that first hand!

  3. AlexV on March 17th, 2009 3:28 pm

    I just spoke what I felt. This is the sense I get from their brief statement on Test’s death. Perhaps you are right that the WWE did not need to say a lot, however I felt they still could have said more than their standard cut-and-dry explanations and descriptions of anything negative that is related to their business.

    For example, when anybody gets released, they simply say “So and so has been released,” with no explanation. I remember when Sabu got released. All it said on their website again was “Sabu has been released” doing everything in it’s power to avoid, for lack of a better word, “confrontation.” And when it happened, I just remembered wondering “Well what the hell happened?”

    And I know death is a lot different than a contract being terminated, but all their little comments always have a touch of “There has to be more to the story than is being told.”

    Why has Crime Tyme already been released twice? Why would a Sabu, a mainstay of ECW get released as if nothing happened? Do you really think diehard ECW fans, who were undoubtedly unhappy with WWE’s purchase of the brand’s rights in the first place, were satisfied with literally no explanation at all as to why one of their undoubtable faces of stardom was leaving the business?

    I mean, they treat everything as if it can just be brushed under the rug, and I love watching wrestling, but even I feel like “You’re not fooling me” with those quick explanations.

    And you make the point “If they didn’t ackknowledge his death, what would you say about that?” To me, that is still not a good enough point for me to lean back in my chair and think “Maybe I should give them credit for at least mentioning it.”

    No! To me it means they felt they had to say something and that feeling that way would be exactly what they want me to do.

    Now let me ask you this.

    Who the hell, and I don’t care what organization or group, other than the militaries of the world, announces any death without giving up a breath of description as to what the cause is? No fucking body does, that’s who!

    So obviously, that to me says they were trying to avoid “confrontation.” And I just felt like voicing my feeling that I’m not stupid and going to be fooled by that sentimentaless crap whether or not I even liked Test period.

    And finally, I don’t think they did what was appropriate. I think they did what they thought looked good, and the only true fans of the so-called WWE universe who should be buying this crap are the millions of litte kids that love this show who aren’t mature enough to think for themselves yet.

  4. Jerry on April 7th, 2009 1:17 am

    You know, That is a bunch of crap, you bad mouthing the WWE just proves that you guys have nothing else better to do with your time but to look for problems with them, did you ever think that the WWE gives all there superstars drug testing every month to make sure they arent doing steroids or anything in that matter, i suggest you find somebody else to pick on cause the WWE is a has more money than all the people that left a comment on this page put together, you better do your notes more before you go to any conclusions!

  5. Anthony on November 24th, 2009 2:59 am

    Hello to all haters any ways the man “test” has lived the life that all would dream of living the life that he has lived. As a gaurd or a superstar he’s being missed greatly by all and I just found out know when I was looking for something about motley crue and this popped up and that is sad to find out this man is gone and he was kickass on wwe well please let this man rest in peace and as motley crue would say is shout at the devil!!!!!!!! \m/\m/

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