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Former WWE Superstar Test is Dead

March 15, 2009 by AlexV · 5 Comments 

And another relatively young pro wrestler goes down.

And another relatively young pro wrestler goes down.

I went onto the WWE’s website this morning and to my shock, the head article was that Test, former WWE Superstar and Motley Crue body guard, had passed away. I must say that after a good five seconds I was not surprised at all that another pro wrestler, whose last in-ring action was as recent as 2007, is dead. What angers me is the way the WWE attempts to commemorate his “passing” away.

The headline on their website reads “Test Passes Away” as if to suggest that the guy was 80 years old or something. Why the hell would they use that verbiage for a guy that couldn’t be more than 42 years of age? He obviously has “passed” by some cause that the WWE doesn’t want to get any bad press for.

What doesn’t sit well with me even more is the WWE’s half-hearted effort with a literally one paragraph article about the man. And they say they extend their “deepest condolences” to the Test family. I doubt the WWE even knows his damn family.

I’m not going to lie. I love pro wrestling. But some of the stuff they do is just way too obvious, and I’m not talking about the show itself. And even though Test was not one of the biggest headliners, and we still don’t know for sure how he left our world, he still deserves a little more than the obituary-like comments that his former employers gave him.

Why TNA Stinks

February 25, 2009 by AlexV · 71 Comments 

kurt angle brock lesnar 450x450 Why TNA Stinks

In this day and age, the WWE has one main rival. That rival is called TNA. And it sucks.

I’m going to write this article for those who know more or less about each franchise in pro wrestling. For those of you who know, TNA did have a solid stretch of success and intrigue in their story lines not too long ago, when they had guys like Jay Lethal and AJ Styles gaining some notoriety.

But now, they’re a bunch of bums running on their last legs. They keep trying to lure disgruntled WWE stars to go to their show, and once they do, they immediately make an impact over the homegrown TNA talent.

Remember when Kurt Angle first came on the scene? What did he do? He faced the undefeated Samoa Joe for the “whatever” title they call it down there and won. What’s even more is that guys with lots of potential like AJ Styles had been relegated to follower duty behind Christian… another former WWE mainstay.

It’s stupid little desperate moves like this that make TNA look like it may be dwindling down. One thing I cannot stand is their match choreography. Sometimes it seems like the wrestlers are so busy doing flips and moves that showcase their athletic ability, but when they make a hit on someone it’s just too unbelievable. The only guy who makes crazy moves like that in the WWE is Rey Mysterio, when he flips guys like Kane solely with the force of his legs wrapped around his opponent’s necks.

Anyways, TNA will go down hard because they don’t have faith in building up their own guys, and keep trying to lure WWE vets like Angle, Christian, Booker T, Rhino, Sting, and others to boost up their ratings (Looks like Christian wised up and got out).

Oh, and somebody needs to introduce Shark Boy to Stone Cold. I don’t think he would like little Shark “Ass” Boy too much.

R Truth on the Rise in Smackdown

October 18, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Smackdown is trying its best to score new talent. It looks like they've found someone in R Truth.

Smackdown is trying its best to score new talent. It looks like they found someone in R Truth.

I want to talk about a guy who is making waves on the Smackdown roster as of late. He is the man who comes out of the fan-level rafters rapping, just finished beating MVP this past Friday, and knocked out U.S. Champion Shelton Benjamin the week before in non-title action. This newcomer I speak of is R Truth, formerly known in TNA as Ron Killings.

His high-flying antics have drawn much cheer from the crowd in the past weeks and that shows that he has some impressive in-ring skills. Aside from his in-ring skills he is also something of a public relations person for the WWE. When he enters the arena to begin a match he comes out of the fan seating area rapping his own theme song “What’s Up?” and allows a fan or two to sing along as he passes them the mic when the song goes “What’s Up?!

His speech skills aren’t that great but his back story gains sympathy for the crowd. It is a classic chip on the shoulder comeback story. A man from the rough areas of Charlotte North Carolina who has spent time in prison and now aims to turn things around with Pro Wrestling.

The WWE has lately been trying to hype up their new talent using commercial promos that air weeks before the newcomer even wrestles their first match. This is one superstar that might be in the spotlight in the near future. U.S. Title Triple Threat match for Cyber Sunday involving Shelton Benjamin, MVP, and R Truth anybody?