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Mad’Nuff Mock Draft: Take the picks and count it

April 25, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff 

1: Lions: Matt Stafford-  The lions want to have a frnchise quarterback that can also be the face of the team, Matt’s arm matches well with Calvin Johnson.

2: St Louis: Jason smith- Rams just got rid of a sure fire Hall of Famer they are looking for his replacement.

3: chiefs: Eugene Monroe: Kansas has more holes than the finest Swiss cheese, their start by finding someone to protect Cassel but they could take anyone.

4: Seattle: Mark Sanchez: looking for the next Hasselback type, Mark Sanchez is the perfect fit for a what is really a solid team.

5: Clevend: Aaron curry:  Celvend has some gaps to fill but they have a big time reciever and two potential starting QB’s they are going defense and Curry will work wonders behind Shuan Rogers.

6: Cinncinntai: Andre Smith:  The Bengals need help on defense but they can’t pass up a guy like this.

7: Oakland: Jeremey Macklin:  Macklin is the second best receiver in the draft but his speed is what Al Davis likes, this would make the raiders offense extremely fast.

8: Jacksonville: Micheal Crabtree: This is a no brainer for the Jags who have no recivers left, Crabtree is my most sure pick of the draft.

9: Green Bay: B.J. Raji:  this guy should be a top five pick but things happen with Green Bay moving to the 3-4 they want a solid anchor.

10: San Francisco: Brian Orakpo: Singeltary wants to build a solid defense to make it easier for the offense Orakpo gives them the pass rush and versatility they need.

11: Buffalo: Micheal Oher: they just got ride of their pro-bowl tackle and it’s time to replace him.

12: Denver:  Tyson Jackson:  Everyone knows that the offenses wasn’t the problem in Denver.

13: Washington: Aaron Maybin:  Jason Tayler didn’t pan out they are still looking for that dominant pass rusher.

14: N.O.: Chris Beanie Wells:  They need a pro style back to help out that high powered offense he will be great in N.O.

15: Houston: Malcom Jenkins: Very versatile player will allow the defense to do more once he gets acclimated to the NFL.

16: San Diego: Rey Maulauga: This works out well a great addition to a soild defense and he played at USC.

17: N.Y. Jets: Hayward-Bey: Jets have a lot of questions on offense but receiver is the most immediate concern.

18: Denver: Brian Cushing: Big physical presence in the middle again Denver goes defense.

19: Tampa Bay: Peria Jeffy: Tampa always likes to go for the best guy available

20: Detroit: Ehen Brittan: You have to have a guy to protect the franchise right?

21: Philadelphia: Knowshawn Moreno: Philadelphia needs a guy to get the short yards will be a great complete to Westbrooke

22:  Minnesota: Hakeem Nicks: A pretty solid team needs a big target receiver, but they could go quarterback here.

23: New England: Connor Barwin:  this is the versatile player Bill loves.

24: Atlanta: Clay Matthews: If they didn’t get Tony G they would have went TE here but now they need defense.

25: Miami: Larry English: Parcells will love this guy a true football player that will sure up the D.

26: Baltimore: James Lauranitis: A perfect replacement for Bart Scott and will play along side an excellent teacher.

27: Indianapolis: Brian Robiskie: Indy doesn’t need much help but he is the best player on the board.

28: Buffalo: Brandon Pettigrew: They just got T.O. this guy is a great athlete and well help free T.O. up by causing mis-matches.

29: N.Y. Giants: Percy Harvin: Giants need a big time receiver but this is all that’s left.

30:  Tennessee- Kenny Britt: Big receiver that can go up and get Tennessee is missing that.

31:  Arizona: Donald  Brown:  May be a big steal this late in the draft perfect fit for the Cardinals offense.

32: Pittsburgh: Vonte Davis: The Steelers don’t need much Vonte is the best player on the board and they are still looking for McFaddens replacement.


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