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Mad’Nuff Super Bowl Picks ( Lock it Up)

September 10, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff 

Well it is officially football season so before any snaps are taken I will  be giving you my Super Bowl picks.  As you recall last year I called it right, just check the link.  This year it was a little harder to decided.  The Patriots look like they will return to power and the Colts, and Eagles look like they will be contenders.  Not to mention the Giants who could be a quiet storm this year.  So; who you say? Who is going to the win the Super Bowl this year? 

Well Look for the Eagles to make all the way to the Super Bowl this year.  They should have won their division last year but they came up just short.  Now with a lot more fire power Mcnabb should have one of his best years ever.  So will they win it? No.  That s right the Eagles will lose in the Super Bowl too…


THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS:  That’s right a repeat. Why? Because only injuries can stop the Steelers from being the champs this year.  Baring any long term injuries to Big Ben the Steelers should be able to pull off the repeat easier than people think.  The schedule is a lot softer than it was last year and the depth is solid.   So those are my Super Bowl picks for this year, right it down, and “T.J. Hushmazo lock it up”

 polamalu MadNuff Super Bowl Picks ( Lock it Up)

Also Mad’Nuff Monday night guarantees are back and better.  Stay posted.


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