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New York Giants Need to Utilize Big Weapons

October 13, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Plaxico Burress Catches a TD against the Browns on monday night

Plaxico Burress Catches a TD against the Browns on Monday Night Football

It is 12:20 am on October 14th, and I have just watched the worst Red-zone performance of all time. The one thing about the New York Giants that just doesn’t seem to be good this year is their red zone stragety. I understand that Plaxico is not in the good graces of the organization, but when you take him out of the game in the red zone in the third quarter it just makes no sense. 6′5 Plaxico Burress who has already proved to be one of the Gaints best red zone targets in the 2008 season, was taken out and Eli Manning threw a pass to Toomer instead, which resulted a costly pick 6. I realize that you can’t throw only to one player, However Plax deserves a target in every red zone trip, without fail. This is a man whose jumping abilities and size are unparalleled in the League. The Giants need to get off their high horses and get Plax the ball in the Red-Zone, or risk doing what they did today, just look terrible. I can’t help to wonder if this problems in play calling could be in response to Plaxico’s recent suspension. Regardless, If you pay a player you better use him as far as I am concerned. Also, trying to intercept a Pass high in the corner of the endzone is nearly impossible, especially if the defender is shorter than the WR by about 6 to 7 inches.