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Plaxico Burress update: It seems as if he will play in 2010

April 1, 2009 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

Plaxico Burress at his March 31 trial

Plaxico Burress at his March 31 trial

Today, the Plaxico Burress case was adjured until the later date of June 15th. Many people were skeptical weither this would happen or not, but it may be a sign that his high priced legal team may be close to a plea deal that will allow him to play in the upcoming NFL season. Regardless it seems as if Plaxico will have to do some sort of jail time, but the question is when. As I recall Jamal Lewis spent his off-seasons in jail, a couple of years back due to drug trafficking charges, and maybe it’s possible we could see something similar for the Giants superstar Wide-out. There is no question that Plaxico does not want to spend any time in jail. Yet, it seems more and more evident that it will be tough for Plax to stay out of the big house. New York city guns laws are a bit overboard and are seemingly unconstitutional, so this will be a very interesting case, without a doubt, if it ever makes it to trial. The Sportsroids.com team will be supporting Plaxico on June 15th at New York city Criminal Court by picketing the trial! So if you wish to support the Giants Superbowl champion wide out, from the moronic liberal city government that wishes to jail him mostly due to his celebrity, please show up! Plaxico, hurt no one except himself and he is now being denied basic liberties that Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, fervently believed in. Jefferson stated his strong convictions in the right to bear arms consitently. One example of this fact is on Page 334 of his famous Thomas Jefferson Papers when he wrote, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”. Realize that no citizen in New York City can apply for a conceal permit, and to get a carry lisence is a very tough process, in hopes that people won’t try to get one. Sounds a bit unfair doens’t it? Regardless, I feel that the the cities gun laws are ridiculous, for this reason. Banning weapons and making them harder to aquire legally only strengthens those who don’t follow the rules, much like the steriods ban in sports. Those who cheat are winning, in the system. These laws only serve to help criminals stay finaiced and in power over the law abiding populous of New York City.

New York Giants are interested in Braylon Edwards

March 24, 2009 by MarkM · 5 Comments 

Braylon Edwards could be traded!

Braylon Edwards could be traded!

It really simple everyone, if you loose a 6′6 player like Plaxico Burress you better believe that you would be  looking for some sort of tall,fast long ball threat to replace him. The Giants are without a doubt interested in investigating so don’t believe the Media Hype! Also, don’t be surprised if you see the Giants make a trade on Draft day if Plaxico gets incarcerated on March 31st. I could see the Gmen trading a squadron of WR’s in order to make this deal happen. That includes Steve smith, regardless of the Giants saying otherwise. Mario Manningham is most definitely a chip in that deal and considering his study habits the Giants would be making off well. Don’t believe the media or the Giants representatives when researching this story, they want this whole thing very hush,hush until Plaxico’s future is completely out in the open and judged. Eric Mangini is defensive minded coach, so again, don’t be surprised if they make a trade that includes one of the Giant’s Defensive Linemen.

Braylon Edwards at Michigon

Braylon Edwards at Michigan

Also, I hope everyone knows that it is illegal for any Team representative to talk about a player who is currently under a contract with another team. So realize that Jerry Reese has to deny all allegations the media brings forth to him. Make no mistake the Giants will try to get Braylon but the only real question is how much are they willing to move to get him?

Plaxico’s moment of truth. Court Date March 31st is upcoming. Did he really shoot himself in the foot?

March 10, 2009 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants

Plaxico Burress of the New York Giants

The saga of Plaxico Burress has been forgotten by the media this off-season due to the release of so many great WR’s, which include Terrell Owens, Joey Galloway, Marvin Harrison, Laveranues Coles and TJ Houshmandzadeh. The Plaxico story started last year, when the New York Giants Veteran Superbowl hero, Plaxico Burress, shot himself in the leg while partying at a popular New York City Club around the Mid point of last years NFL season.  Outside of the fact that he shot himself, he was also carrying an unregistered firearm in the City of New York, a subject Mayor Bloomberg has been adamant about curbing.

Plaxico Burress on X-mas

Plaxico Burress on X-mas

I feel as though Bloomberg had been waiting for a Black man to screw up given he could not jail Sean Combs for the Gun charges several years back.  Bloomberg has changed the laws and now, conviently, a Black superstar is now in the line of fire to fall.  Now Plax is at Bloomberg’s mercy in addition to the NYC Courts. Both bodies are looking for an example, is Plaxico the perfect one? In any other state, this would be a misdemeanor offense which would have serious financial penalties and forced community service attached to it.  Yet, in New York City, Plaxico is facing 3 to 15 years in jail. I hope people realize that is just stupid. Guns don’t kill people, idiots with guns kill people. And since the New York State government thinks that their are too many idiots in New York, they find that gun bans and stiff penalties are the easiest way to deter criminals! Yet they forget to remember irreversable truth about murders and criminals is that THEY DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW! Yes Plaxico has put himself in a bad situation, and yes he really shot his team’s chances of a repeat last year in the foot, but one thing Plaxico has not done is made anyone else a victim. Plaxico is not a criminal and should not be penalized as one. Yet all Bloomberg sees is a chance to show the New York public what he can do to a black icon who chooses to own a gun. Plaxico’s trial will be held on March 31st and that will delegate how his rescheduled meeting with the NFLPA will go on April 1st. If Plaxico is incarcerated he will receive no money from the Giants or the NFL without a doubt. Him being cut immediately would be my assumption since it seems that the Giants are keeping thier distance from him at this point. Phil Simms seems to be the only person supporting the WR in public and he no longer has a termendous impact on the moves the New York Giants make. Bloomberg has taken away the Giants care and support by reportedly making threatening phone calls to New York owners. All I can hope for is that this young man gets a chance to keep on playing football and not in some prison upstate. For that reason Sportsroids.com will be in New York on March 31st, supporting Plaxico outside the courthouse with our official “Free Plax” T-shirts. You will be able to order these shirts through the site. When the page is up, I will post the link. Thank you all and Keep on roiding.

The New York Giants are thinking about signing veteran WR, Joe Horn

December 17, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

The New York Giants remember Joe Horn's cell phone stunt!

The New York Giants remember Joe Horn

Joe Horn, one of the better Wide Receivers in football in the past 10 years, was cut earlier this year by the Atlanta Falcons. Joe has produced at the top level, putting up 603 receptions for 8,744 yards, averaging 14.5 yards per catch with 58 TD’s, during his career. Joe Horn was a great WR, but does he have anything left? The Giants seem to think so. They have worked out the aging receiver and may sign him to a short term deal.

Giants fans have some fond memories of Joe Horn considering he pulled out a cellphone after scoring a late TD against the Giants 5 seasons ago!

The Giants are having issues dealing with the loss of Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress which has created problems for their red zone offense. If they wish to repeat their success of last year, they will definitely need to iron out all the problems they are having on the offensive side of the ball.

Do The Right Thing!

December 2, 2008 by Theboinger · 8 Comments 

Plaxico Burress Scores Super Bowl Winning TD

Plaxico Burress Scores Super Bowl Winning TD

To quote my five year old daughter “Why don’t you guys stop worrying about Mrs. Finelli and just worry about yourselves.” Again she is just five years old. Everyone is weighing in on Plaxico Burress and his situation. I am not asking you to forgive him or forget what has happened. I am not telling you this does not concern you or that you should not be concerned by this. I just ask that you take a step back and remove yourself from what is turning into another venomous situation regarding a high profile athlete and just worry about you! If everyone would take that approach and do the right thing day in and day out including Plaxico Burress, Antonio Pierce, Latin Quarter, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and those involved, situations like this could be avoided completely. People need to stop trying to do what is best for them or what is convenient for them and simply concentrate on being able to do what is right and if possible what is fair. People need not be afraid to help others realize their mistakes and help them move past them without judgement. As well without feeling compromised into helping them overcome these obstacles without repercussion by finding the way out or path of least resistance. “If you wanna play, you gotta pay.” – Thanks Dad

Redskins Acquire Bro Bowl Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

November 8, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

It's time for DeAngelo Hall to step up his game again. This time he has to do it in Washington.

In just four and a half seasons, DeAngelo Hall is already on his third NFL team.


The Washington Redskins agreed to a one year deal worth just over $800,000 with cornerback DeAngelo Hall on Friday November 7th, who had just been waived by the Oakland Raiders. It didn’t take too long for the Pro Bowler to find himself a new home. Although there has been a consensus that Hall has been underachieving this past half-season in Oakland, and the previous year in Atlanta, when looked at closely, it is easy to see why Hall can be a good fit for the Redskins.

First of all, Washington has been suffering from injuries in the secondary, and namely at cornerback; starter Shawn Springs, nickel back Fred Smoot, and backup Leigh Torrence. And although none of the three has been injured for extended periods of time, they have all been injured frequently and sporadically enough that the Redskins could not pass up this opportunity.

Aside from the injury bug in Washington, there is also the stable of wide receivers the Redskins have to face twice each year within their division. The New York Giants sport big game and big height, six foot five inch, Plaxico Burress. We all know about Dallas and Terrell Owens, but now with the pickup of big game, and six foot three, Roy Williams, the necessity for a player of Hall’s talents is ever more of the essence. Finally, the Eagles have a budding star in rookie DeSean Jackson, whose 34 receptions for 525 yards have him on pace to reach 1,050 total, and a quarterback in Donovan McNabb who has shown a propensity to do more with less over his career.

As long as DeAngelo Hall can resume the level play during his Pro Bowl garnering seasons, then the Redskins will have made a good choice. If not, they don’t lose much as they only signed him for the remainder of this season.

49ers head coach, Mike Singletary could change the NFL for the better!

October 27, 2008 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

I was watching football Sunday, and I began to realize something. Today we have big baby, players who only care about money and “loving me some me”. The true team concept may be fading away, in some professional sports. I remember when I would idolized all the players from the past who could play hurt and persevere through any type of pain, injuries and Media criticisms and still maintain their dignity. I mean does any one remember when Ronnie Lott had his finger amputated just so he could play in a playoff game? Could you see any pro Football player doing that now a days? If you dumb let me help you with that answer, NO!

Ronnie Lott's career should be tought to children in school. His dedication to winning and to his team, should be admired and emulated by today's players.

Ronnie Lott's career and story should be taught to all children. His commitment to winning and to his team, should be respected and emulated by all modern day players.

How come today’s players have fallen so far from that “old school winning mentality” of whatever it takes? I mean it really can’t help that these players are getting 10 million dollar deals before they step foot on the field as rookies, or the fact that players are so babied when it comes to the medical care they receive. All I can think about right now is what I would say to Kellen Winslow Jr, after the grief he caused me this week. Seriously this cry baby is costing me points and I would tell him, “Seriously Kellen, you got a staph infection OK. If you want to blame it on your top Tier medical staff on your NFL football team, go right ahead. I mean hanging out with R. Kelly definitely had nothing to do with this right? Seriously, Kellen lets cry about it some more, oh I am here to listen. You know what F*** it, Kellen How are you going to play on my fantasy squad it is always about you? I want Players who want to win, I need team players. Kellen, You’re embarrassing yourself, and you could seriously help this team win more if you just showered up.” Seriously Kellen go into the rap industry and show that your a straight soldier or strap it up like you father did, and play and act like a man.

Also, whatever happened to “I can play” “I am going to play”. I mean Plax can’t practice but he sure can play in a game if he feels like it, right? I mean come on I think big blue should buy him like 3 or 4 cell phones because maybe he really can’t hear the one in his pants, since he is like 4 feet above it. Either way, Plax should be put on some sort of house arrest, because he obviously is way too arrogant to just show up to practice if he can and in the event that he can’t practice he makes habits of not showing to his medical appointments. I am starting to think Plax was the kid who always called in sick when he had a test in school or something. To be honest, thought, I am sick of watching Plaxico Burress, Hines Ward, Chad Johnson,  constantly taking practices off. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future NFL practices would be viewed as purely optional.

Regardless, I saw something that really grabbed me and made me feel a lot better though. There was a inkling of hope! The NFL has a new angel. This angel is the 49ers’s new head coach and NFL Legend, Mike Singletary. He made a great post game speech that everyone should watch. His attitude pays tribute to an era of football , which could only be described as great. Therefore, his speech hit home with me. I want to Salute Mike Singletary, who is a man I believe in. This team has the right man in the job not because he has all the football answers. Nope not at all. he is not the right man because he has an elite knowledge of defensive formations and schemes. He is the right guy for the 49ers job, however, because he doesn’t accept stupid “Me” “I” personality types. Regardless of what the media or the owners will say. He does not and will not accept losing. He wants to change the attitude of a losing team, and I believe with this speech he started his process of doing so.

He called out a “superstar” in Vernon Davis, who is also known as “Click Clack Davis” for his bs commercials. He is also likes to be called the “Cyborg”. He let Vernon know that he is not above the team. This is comical, because this player has his head so far up his a** and he didn’t even know till today. Vernon I am renaming you V.D. . Your like the 49ers infected draft pick, because your attitude about you is killing your team. Either way, I respect Coach Singletary calling Vernon out and making the speech he did. He might be the only hope to infusion some good ol bone crunching sweat and tears back into the NFL, in hopes to bring it back to the way things were, tough and gritty. You know back when whining wasn’t acceptable in Football!

This is just embarassing for Football Fans everywhere.

This is just embarassing for Football Fans everywhere.

New York Giants Need to Utilize Big Weapons

October 13, 2008 by MarkM · Leave a Comment 

Plaxico Burress Catches a TD against the Browns on monday night

Plaxico Burress Catches a TD against the Browns on Monday Night Football

It is 12:20 am on October 14th, and I have just watched the worst Red-zone performance of all time. The one thing about the New York Giants that just doesn’t seem to be good this year is their red zone stragety. I understand that Plaxico is not in the good graces of the organization, but when you take him out of the game in the red zone in the third quarter it just makes no sense. 6′5 Plaxico Burress who has already proved to be one of the Gaints best red zone targets in the 2008 season, was taken out and Eli Manning threw a pass to Toomer instead, which resulted a costly pick 6. I realize that you can’t throw only to one player, However Plax deserves a target in every red zone trip, without fail. This is a man whose jumping abilities and size are unparalleled in the League. The Giants need to get off their high horses and get Plax the ball in the Red-Zone, or risk doing what they did today, just look terrible. I can’t help to wonder if this problems in play calling could be in response to Plaxico’s recent suspension. Regardless, If you pay a player you better use him as far as I am concerned. Also, trying to intercept a Pass high in the corner of the endzone is nearly impossible, especially if the defender is shorter than the WR by about 6 to 7 inches.


September 11, 2008 by sportsroids · 2 Comments 

Fantasy Football Team Cancers

By Mark M

Marques Colston Top flight WR? I think not...

Marques Colston Top flight WR? I think not...

I am writing this post just to make fun of all the people who drafted Marques Colston in the 1st or the 2nd round in their respective Fantasy drafts. I never understood the high Marques Colston pick ever, I know he is tall, strong and talented but has he ever really been a consistent #1 WR for anyone?

Colston just doesn't show up enough each week to be picked high

Colston just doesn't get it done as a fantasy #1 WR

I swear he can have 200 yard games, but sometimes he just doesn’t even show up. Let me give you the examples to prove my point. Over Colston’s career he has never beaten a team with an above average secondary. Just for example whenever he has played the eagles, he has done nothing special. In 2007, he only had 3 catches for 16 yards with his long being a 11 yard run. Ok, still not satisfied? In 2006, he had 4 catches for 40 yards with a TD, not a bad day but certainly not what you expecting from your  top Fantasy draft pick WR. So the eagles may be his kryptonite right? Nope, I would say his big weakness is playing against any team in the NFC east. Colston’s best performance was the one that I just stated (40 yards and 1 TD) against any NFC East team. You can’t be a top flight receiver if an entire Division of the NFL has your number in my book.

Another statistic, which proves he is not consistent game to game, is that in 2007 he had 6 games with less than 50 yards. Ok, I fully admit that doesn’t sound that bad, but it does when you realize the man was 8th in the league in reception yards. He had over 4 games with 100+ yards. Fantasy wise, in most leagues weekly wins and losses are all that matter. Yes, Colson is a lock in Fantasy leagues, if they don’t have a playoff system, or if the winner is determined by tallying up overall points. Most leagues just are not like that, and for that reason Colston is bad a start due to his unreliable Stats. You don’t know when he is going to go off, and more times than not he will play sub par compared to the number of 100+ days superb starts he produces. He has this pattern with his TDs as well. Colston, Fantasywise, really statistically follows the motto, “Go big or go home”, which is idea your #1 can’t have over the course of a full season if your to do well in your Fantasy league. Roddy white another receiver who has very similar stats compared to Colston. Roddy White also has the same consistency problems as Colston but Roddy is always a much later pick, WHY IS THAT? Is it because Colston has big highlights of his catches on SportCenter? I just don’t get it.

But either way, how I feel does not matter because he is hurt. So regardless of your concept of his past production, if you picked Colston this year you got screwed. He is out for a minimum of six weeks, so go get Eddie Royal or Desean Jackson, cause you need somebody. Those are the two best free agents for week two that are out there in most Leagues. In the draft you might have had a shot at Andre Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Chad Johnson and all the other players whom I suspect might have been wrongly picked after Colston but now your stuck with some free agent rookie, and I have no pity for you. You are almost as bad as the idiot, who took a chance on a Broncos RB in the 2nd round, a few years ago in one of my leagues. You know who the RB was, right?

Maurice Clarett (dumbest 3rd pick I ever saw)

Maurice Clarett (dumbest 2rd round pick I ever saw)

NFL recap: Giants Beat Redskins in Season Opener

September 5, 2008 by sportsroids · 1 Comment 

Plaxico Burress out jumps Redskins DB

Plaxico Burress out jumps Redskins DB

The 2009 NFL season opened today, with The Washington Redskins at the New York Giants. There were many things that happened at the game. Micheal Strahan came out of a Novelty Lombardi trophy and made a speech before kickoff. Then many fans at half time boo’d team owner Steve Tisch during “The Cancer Awareness Event half-time show” due to the his new policy on Personal Seating Licenses at the new Giant Stadium. It was pretty sad to say the least. While this man is making a speech about his fathers fight with cancer most of the fans were just booing. No one cared about the man’s personal pain over the loss of his father. Nope, not at all. The crowd instead vocalized the fact that they are angry and pissed off about PSL’s. Well, we all know NYC can be a tough town. Regardless, The New York Giants topped the Redskins 16-7. Plaxico Burress had another standout performance, picking up where he left off last post season, racking up 133 yards on 10 receptions. Other notable performances were Brandon Jacobs and Justin Tuck. Jacobs ran for 116 yards on 21 carries. Justin Tuck recorded a Sack on the first play from scrimmage.

Justin Tuck Celebrates a Sack

Justin Tuck Celebrates a Sack

It was a great game for the Defending Superbowl Champion New York Giants. The only issue they seemed to have was Red zone production. It is still very early in the season, so we will have to wait and see what they can do in the red zone in the next game on Sept 14th, in St Louis.

-Mark M