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New York Giants are interested in Braylon Edwards

March 24, 2009 by MarkM · 5 Comments 

Braylon Edwards could be traded!

Braylon Edwards could be traded!

It really simple everyone, if you loose a 6′6 player like Plaxico Burress you better believe that you would beĀ  looking for some sort of tall,fast long ball threat to replace him. The Giants are without a doubt interested in investigating so don’t believe the Media Hype! Also, don’t be surprised if you see the Giants make a trade on Draft day if Plaxico gets incarcerated on March 31st. I could see the Gmen trading a squadron of WR’s in order to make this deal happen. That includes Steve smith, regardless of the Giants saying otherwise. Mario Manningham is most definitely a chip in that deal and considering his study habits the Giants would be making off well. Don’t believe the media or the Giants representatives when researching this story, they want this whole thing very hush,hush until Plaxico’s future is completely out in the open and judged. Eric Mangini is defensive minded coach, so again, don’t be surprised if they make a trade that includes one of the Giant’s Defensive Linemen.

Braylon Edwards at Michigon

Braylon Edwards at Michigan

Also, I hope everyone knows that it is illegal for any Team representative to talk about a player who is currently under a contract with another team. So realize that Jerry Reese has to deny all allegations the media brings forth to him. Make no mistake the Giants will try to get Braylon but the only real question is how much are they willing to move to get him?