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Woody Johnson: THIEF!

January 4, 2009 by Theboinger · Leave a Comment 



Bill Parcells:Winner/Woody Johnson:LOSER

I find myself so thoroughly disgusted by Woody Johnson owner of the New York Jets that I cannot possibly root for them any longer. I can handle the losing. Losing does not bother me. Players who pout, cry, whine, shoot themselves or masturbate do not bother me either. Brainless first time coaches who make mistakes and cow tow to Hall of Fame legends do not bother me. Washed up has-beens who think they still have something left but clearly do not, actually excite me. Trading for has-beens that never were, who only rush for one touchdown in 2007 then suddenly think they are Emmitt Smith because they can run through open holes my 86 year old senile Italian grandmother could wheel her chair through does not bother me. In fact I can buy-in to all of the previously mentioned. Especially if the intention, in collection of these misfits, is in earnest: winning!

It is no longer about winning. In fact for Woody Johnson it has never been about winning it just took me until now to figure it out.

Hey Jets fans, WAKE UP!

Sharing a stadium? Come on, does Donald Trump have lunch with Bill Gates and share a salad? All those high priced big name signings were a poor attempt to fool you into thinking PSL’s are justified. Well, you cannot fool me Woody. And you cannot fool our readers. You are a bum. You blew it every single year in the draft since you bought the team and your attempt to correct your mistakes by importing talent from elsewhere to build a “Superbowl caliber” team is a disgrace. What is more, jersey boy, you had more than one chance to bring the Jets back to NY. Yet, you continue to hide behind the shadow cast by the New York Giants in hopes that their success will yield you profit without consequence while hiding your inability to truly build a winner.

Acceptable teams for Jets fans to root for from now on. Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, New York Giants

Identity fraud ala New York Jets

September 19, 2008 by sportsroids · 1 Comment 

Identity fraud

by The Boinger

Joe Namath

Joe Namath

What is the identity of the New York Jets? Answer: They have no identity. Not Joe Namath, not the sack exchange and not Fireman Ed. Not even the great Brett Favre is not going to fix nor change that. The Tuna couldn’t fix it and even Belichick saw the writing on the wall and bolted for New England. There is no long succession of great QB’s. There is no history of a strong run/pass oriented offensive/defensive juggernaut. It is just not there. The sack exchange? They have long since been forgotten. No one has stepped up to carry on that tradition. The front office has had one bad draft after another and continues to try pull the wool over the fans eyes with big NO NAME head coaches. They even tried to fool everyone into thinking that they were serious about moving back to NY. Them sharing a stadium with the Giants further entrenches them as the “second team” in this city. When Donald Trump has lunch with Bill Gates do they share a salad? NO! So why should the Jets be sharing a stadium with the Giants that is no where close to their fan base?

The New Meadowlands Stadium

The New Meadowlands Stadium

It gets harder and harder to even want to root for them anymore. If you are lucky enough to get tickets you still have to drive out to that hole in the swamp they call home. They need a major change. New ownership would be great. A new home IN NEW YORK would be even better. Perhaps they could find some empty space in the Bronx?