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NBA TOP 3 – Weekly Awards: MVP and DOP

November 8, 2008 by Jay K · 3 Comments 

Let me tell you a little something about me.  I’m not a paid sports writer and I’m not linked into the professional world like some of these other people that you read about at FOX, ESPN, and so on.  So I don’t care about the politics of it all, or the what commissioner David Stern thinks.  I base my opinion on the raw data and what I see on the television screen (or if I’m lucky enough, when I’m at the games).  So with that out of the way I’m going to give you, our faithful readers, what I believe to be the top 3 in the catagories of Most Valuable Player and Defensive Player of the Year.

Let the show begin!!


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1. Carlos Boozer, Utah Jazz

He has no D-Will by his side.  So the other four starters are: Andre Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur, Ronnie Brewer, and Paul Millsap.  Now unless if you follow basketball religiously I’m sure at best you’ll only know one or two of the other starters.  He is shooting 60.3% from the field so far, averaging 20.8/9.8/2.6 on roughly 33 minutes a night and the Jazz are 5-0.  Not only are they undefeated but the have the most wins in the league right now!

2. Joe Johnson, Atlanta Hawks

I’ll say it right now, I don’t like the Hawks.  I never have, I didn’t even like them when Dominique was there, but thats because I’m was a Bulls fan.  But you cannot overlook at this team is the only undefeated team in the East.  You cannot overlook that they beat four legitament teams.  Does this mean the Hawks are real? Absolutely not, check it out my other article here: http://sportsroids.com/2008/11/07/nba-are-the-atlanta-hawks-a-playoff-contender/.  And, Joe Johnson is leading the way right now and putting up sick numbers, about 25 ppg. while shooting 55.4% from the field and hitting 42.1% from three.  If he keeps this up and the Hawks keep winning, I may need to write an apology letter.

3. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

The thing about Kobe is that hes a great player.  But I still remember when he was brought up on rape charges and the fact that he drove Shaq and Phil out of L.A.  I mean this guy gets as much publicity from the NBA as Peyton does to the NFL and for all the wrong reasons.  But enough of me rambling.  Here why he is at number 3.  His team is undefeated.  He is leading the way in scoring (24.8 ppg), assists (3.5 apg) and steals (1.75 spg).  However, I can’t move him up any higher because he is shooting at 44.6% from the field and a terrible 28.6% from three.  That aspect of his game is very un-Kobe like. 

Defensive Player of the Year

dwight howard backing down chris bosh 292x300 NBA TOP 3   Weekly Awards: MVP and DOP

1. Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic

D12 is average 4.2 blocks per game (1st in the league) and is averaging 13.2 rebounds per game.  He is the anchor of this Orlando Defense and nobody in the game right now alters more shots in the paint or changes a team’s attack plan than Howard.  If they had better perimeter defenders than Orlando would probably be undefeated, but they aren’t bad considering they are number 10 in allowing the least points per game.

2. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

I know, Bynum is back and healthy.  The Lakers frontline is huge.  I know all this and so do you.  But did you know the Lakers are number one in allowing the least points per game at 85.  And its common sense in Basketball, if you can keep your guy infront of you then you don’t need any help from your teammates.  Thats exactly what Kobe does.  He guards the best perimeter player on the opposing team every night and shuts him down.  He also relieves the stress of having to always step out on Bynum and Gasol to help contain players.  Oh yeah I almost forgot, he is basically averaging two steals a game.

3. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

I know this sounds crazy but Defensive Player of the Year doesn’t have to entitle the best defensive player on the best defensive team.  But D-Wade is solid.  He has good timing which leads to 1.6 blocks per game which is pretty darn good for a guard.  He is currently averaging 3 steals per game.  Not to mention D-wade, much like Kobe is their designated perimeter stopper.  To top that all off the Miami Heat are number eight in least points allowed.  Not bad for the team that was the NBA doormat last year.