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What About the Devils?

November 6, 2009 by Big Tony · 5 Comments 

prudential center empty seats What About the Devils?
For starters let me take a moment to point out the upcoming Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Congrats to this year’s inductees (Brett Hull, Brian Leech, Luc Robitaille, Steve Yzerman, and Lou Lamoriello) because reaching such a goal requires a lot of hard work and dedication for many years so these guys are to be congratulated. I grew up watching these guys play the game and it is their play that made me love it so much especially Brian Leech; being an American born player I felt like I could identify with him moreso than the others. Also, love him or hate him one must give credit to Lou Lamoriello for building some of the greatest teams of the last 15 years. Lamoriello is a bit erratic but the man wins plain and simple so although I am not and never will be a Devils fan I tip my cap to Mr. Lamoriello.

Speaking of the New Jersey Devils there is a lot of talk year in and year out about moving the likes of the Coyotes, Thrashers, Panthers, etc. out of their warm weather cities and back up north to where hockey is much more relevant. Those arguments all have at least some validity to them, but that said why do we not hear the same thing about the New Jersey Devils? Sure New Jersey has been very successful the last 15 years or so but despite that their attendance numbers are awful. At almost any time one can watch a Devils’ home game and see of ton of empty seats AND they have a really tough time selling out even playoff games. It may be a matter of oversaturation with the Rangers, Isles, and Flyers all taking their share of that market away from the Devils but no matter the reason the numbers don’t lie. In a lot of the warm weather cities the teams have experienced little success but when they have the fans have been there (Tampa in 2004 and Florida in 1996 to be exact) but New Jersey wins all the time and yet empty seats are a chronic problem. So while it may seem like a dumb idea when you first hear it—new building or not—why not consider relocating the New Jersey Devils to a place where they will be appreciated?

Stars Dismiss Avery

December 15, 2008 by Big Tony · Leave a Comment 

sean avery fight Stars Dismiss AveryReports are that the Dallas Stars have decided to severe their ties with Sean Avery after his most recent comments and subsequent suspension. What Brett Hull and the rest of the Dallas Stars expected from Sean Avery when they signed him escapes me. Avery’s reputation preceded him and is part of the reason so many teams did not want to sign him but Hull and company took a chance on him and Avery should have known he was on a tight leash as a result. With that in mind, the comments Avery made were punishable without a doubt (and I agree with the suspension) now he has served that punishment; but the Stars getting rid of Avery I think is going too far. Antics were sure to follow Avery to Dallas as would have been true anywhere, and this most recent antic was embarrassing to the team and the league but let’s face it Avery did not break any laws, he did not attack anyone beyond the rules of the game on the ice or even cost them to lose any games. Dallas is not having a very good season and I refuse to believe they would be cutting ties with Avery if they were near the top of the Western Conference. More or less the Stars are making Avery the scapegoat and trying to use this as “motivation” to somehow make a push toward the playoffs. Maybe Dallas should think about getting rid of some guys who are aiding in their awful performance thus far instead of throwing Avery under the bus for some comments he made.