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Why the Arizona Cardinals Can Still Be Considered Contenders

February 26, 2009 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

The Arizona Cardinals can still be considered contenders. They went very far this past NFL season… all the way to the Super Bowl. If it hadn’t been for a few costly mistakes (i.e. interception resulting in 100 yard TD return for longest play in Super Bowl history by linebacker James Harrison, and two fumbles by the Quarterback) and all things were to remain constant in that game, they would have been Champions.


But that doesn’t matter because they aren’t champions and the Pittsburgh Steelers created and/or forced the Cardinals into those mistakes. But make no bones about it; this team totally changed its approach when the playoffs began.


Their offense remained just as explosive as it had been in the air, and then they finally decided to rely on the run a little more. For next year, the Cardinals now know that they can run the ball effectively. With Edgerin James getting older, and Tim Hightower being nothing more than an effective backup, the Cardinals have plenty of room to draft a power or fast, or whatever kind of back that can be a pro-bowler. And honestly, they can’t be much worse than James and Hightower.  


Everyone knows about the trend of Super Bowl losers not making the playoffs the next year, but remember, the Cardinals are still in a poor division with two teams that have to rebuild, Rams and 49ers, and one team that was in real shambles this season and with an aging QB in Matt Hasselbeck, the Seattle Seahawks. I know that sounds hypocritical because Warner is 37 and was still dead nasty, but he is an exception to the rule of the old quarterbacks whose performances dwindle when they get older.


Another strong argument against their chances may be that if they can’t keep Anquan Boldin they won’t be as explosive. However, we must remember they either didn’t play with him or did while he was ailing with injuries during these playoffs, and Larry Fitzgerald still tore it up.


I believe the Arizona Cardinals are right where they need to be. They showed lots of heart in the Super Bowl defensively after being down 17-7 and 20-7, because they still stuck to their guns and held the Steelers shy of the end zone twice. Of course they blew it at the end, but they still showed a lot of moxie. Do not be surprised to see them in the Super Bowl if it does happen. Plus, with the way the NFL has been the past few seasons, I think the only teams that could surprise me in the Super Bowl are the Lions and 49ers. ‘Nuff said.

AP Snubs another Defensive MVP

January 2, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff · Leave a Comment 

peyton manning award AP Snubs another Defensive MVP

Well Peyton has won another league MVP this year and I say he disserved it, but so did a lot of other players.   My question is how come defensive players can’t get league MVP, I feel James Harrison should have gotten the league MVP this year.   Their wasn’t one employer over Harrison that had more of an impact on his team this year.  If defense win championships then defensive players should be considered for MVP awards.  


It seems much like the Hesiman the “best players” in the league can only be offensive players, how come?  When the Colts won the Super bowl what was the difference maker in their season and ushering them to the playoffs?  Bob Sanders.  When the Giants won the super bowl what catapulted them to the mid-season turn around? Osi Umenyora.  I find it quiet ridicules that the voters feel that defensive players don’t have as much of an impact on the game as offensive players.  James Harrison was hands down the best NFL Player this year;  his impact on a team that really only won because of their great defensive can’t be ignored.  If you look back into the past often a great defensive player is the catalyst to leading a team to victory.


It seems that people just have a hard time excepting the fact that the MVP may be a defensive player because the stats are hard to measure at times.  Offensive players have very tangible stats that relate directly to them.  Defensive players stats don’t always reflect on them personally for example, a team may allow 2.5 yards a rush with a player in the game and allow 4.5 when they are not.  The latter is a team stat not an individual stat even though it still shows the impact that that player has on his team.   Despite that this year James Harrison had very tangible stats leading the league in forced fumbles, top 5 in sacks and leader of one of the best defensive statistically in NFL history.  The guy never hand a bad game and was never the reason that his team lost this year.  When the colts lost games often Peyton made mistakes of course when the won it was only because of him as well, but still I fell defensive players need to be considered.   The second and third place vote getters were Michael Turner and Chad Pennington, James Harrison played better than either of these two.  What is going to take for a defensive player to get the league MVP award?  That is why the Mad’Nuff league MVP goes to James Harrison.


How do you fell about this topic please stat your opinion on MVP voting.