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Michael Vick brakes out the big house!

May 20, 2009 by MarkM · 2 Comments 

michaelvick prison release Michael Vick brakes out the big house!

Micheal Vick was released from from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas yesterday. Vick decided to hide and leave through the back entrance avoiding the protesters and the heavy media which awaited him. Micheal Vick is looking forward to his reinstatement to the NFL, but my big question is “does this man deserve it?”. Yes he has paid his debt to society, but will America forgive him? When Goddell reinstates Vick it will without a doubt hurt the NFL attendance nationwide as well as create a negative media frenzy. Yes, Vick did the crime and served the time, but does anyone really think he would be signed by any team for 2009. Roger Goddell needs to know that a team wants Vick before he reinstates him, because if Vick is reinstated and then just sits in free agency, the NFL would be the biggest loser.

we never though Vick was a genius

We never accused Vick of being a genius

The Pedro Martinez Cockfighting Video

March 11, 2009 by MarkM · 1 Comment 

BDD PM son 1.11.07 The Pedro Martinez Cockfighting Video

Pedro Martinez grew up in the Dominican Republic.  A place where cockfights are not only legal, but supported in a professional Cockfighting Circuit. To some Americans this seems rather brutal: But I can understand Pedro’s history with the sport. Post-Michael Vick, the country has become incredibly sensitive to animal fights.  My position is if this video had came out 6 years ago, it would be a lot less of a ‘big deal.’

This is what Baseball is all about!

This is what Baseball is all about!

This video has either been banned from YouTube.com, or taken off by the users who previously posted it. Both Newsday and The New York times refuse to show this video on their sites as well.  So, if you can’t find this video on YouTube, Newsday or The New York Times, you will find it here at Sportsroids.com! Check it out and see what all the fuss is about. Lets us know your reactions!