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CHIPZ SAYS, “Buckle up boys, we’re going into the PLAYOFFS!”

November 25, 2008 by CHIPZ · 1 Comment 

hines ward1 269x300 CHIPZ SAYS, Buckle up boys, were going into the PLAYOFFS!     After being away for the past 2 weeks doing extensive research all paid for by Sportsroids.com to better your fantasy football knowledge, I’ve only came up with one solution – INCONSISTENCIES!!! Okay, I lied about getting paid to do extensive research. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we’re seeing a lot of inconsistencies with our players and we don’t know who to start anymore. So here’s the problem that I will answer in this article; who should we start?

     Play the game smart. Now is not the time to look for sleeper picks unless your starter is hurt. Wide Receiver Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers is an example of a very inconsistent starter. If you have him, you cannot risk not starting him in week 13 even though he did terrible in week 12. Quarterback Brady Quinn of the Cleveland Browns is another inconsistent starter. He did great in week 11, but had to leave after the first half in week 12 to let Quarterback Derek Anderson in to possibly spark any hope in coming back. The only difference between Brady Quinn and Hines Ward is, don’t not start Brady Quinn. Look for another quarterback asap. Quarterback Matt Cassel of the New England Patriots is an awesome quarterback and I’ve always believed he’d produce and he is. If he hasn’t been picked, pick him up NOW and start him if you are having quarterback problems.


reggie bush1 240x300 CHIPZ SAYS, Buckle up boys, were going into the PLAYOFFS!     Running Back Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints is a keeper but I wouldn’t start him in week 13. Right now, Running Back Pierre Thomas of the New Orleans Saints is looking pretty good especially with week 12’s game ending with 87 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers. The Saints might let him get a few more carries over Reggie Bush if they let him play in week 14 to allow Bush to get the rest he needs. Wait for week 14 or 15 before you start Bush again. If you’re having problems with your running back position and you need to make the playoffs, you might want to consider dropping Reggie Bush. Look for Kevin Faulk of the New England Patriots, Mewelde Moore of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Peyton Hillis of the Denver Broncos if they haven’t been picked up.


peyton hillis 300x225 CHIPZ SAYS, Buckle up boys, were going into the PLAYOFFS!




     Running Back Tatum Bell of the Denver Broncos was expected by a lot of fantasy football owners as a potential sleeper pick but ended up as a fluke. I wouldn’t count on him for the rest of the season. Running Back Peyton Hillis will carry most of the rushes for Denver as long as he keeps doing what he has been doing for the past 2 weeks. In week 12, he carried 12 times for 74 yards with an average of 6 yards per carry.

     The Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Seattle Seahawks are a team you should stay away from. I wouldn’t start any of their players except for Tight End Kellen Winslow of the Cleveland Browns because they are struggling teams that aren’t going to produce for you. Quarterback Donovan Mcnabb of the Philadelphia Eagles is struggling right now and isn’t getting any support from his team, his coach, or his fans. Mentally, he will be down and until he can prove that he can come out of his slump, do not start him. A once first round draft pick, Running Back Brian Westbrook of the Philadelphia Eagles is also a player who you probably don’t want to start. He is still hurt and even though he’s playing through the pain, he obviously isn’t producing the stats he needs to for you to win. Look to sit him out for week 13.

     Look at your starters and keep them in unless you have the starters I’ve named in this article to bench. Remember, play the game smart and don’t risk anything yet. Your team is on the line and you NEED to make the playoffs! Leave comments and I’ll respond to them with any tips I can offer.

Rudi Johnson & Tatum Bell and the case of the missing underwear

September 4, 2008 by sportsroids · 1 Comment 

Tatum make sure you don't take the football or my underwear.

Tatum make sure you don't take that football or my underwear! (CAUGHT RED HANDED)

Tatum Bell was recently released from the Detroit Lions to make room for aging superstar Rudi Johnson on Monday. Bell was sent home, but apparently before he left he took Rudi Johnson’s Gucci luggage with him. This whole debacle was even caught on security camera. The red handed Tatum Bell wrote off the fiasco as a simple mistake. Who knows what to believe? Bell must have been salty about losing his roster spot. We’re willing to bet Tatum doesn’t even own Gucci bags!

Rudi Johnson of the Detriot Lions

Rudi Johnson of the Detroit Lions

Rudi Johnson told reporters, “I got the bags back – empty,”. He then explained: “he’s got a bunch of my underclothes. What he’s going to do with that, I don’t know. He’s got some socks and boxers.”
Understandably, Rudi was not elated with the event. The guy you replace steals your Designer Gucci bags…

Well ,if it were up to me, football players wouldn’t have or use Gucci bag’s (a.k.a. man purse). They would carry their clothing in a burlap sack as the way I envision the players of yesterday may have. Possibly stow their gear in token helmets from bested opposing teams. I mean really, could you see Jack Lambert or Dick Butkus strolling into the locker room with Gucci luggage?

Take a look for yourself:

Dick Butkus would never have had a Gucci bag just look at him.

Dick Butkus would never have had a Gucci bags just look at him.

Jack Lambert would have probobly eating you alive if he saw you with Gucci luggage in the Steel Curtain's locker room

Jack Lambert would have probably eating you alive if he saw you with Gucci luggage in the Steel Curtain's locker room.

I just can not see these men using or being around those you use Gucci or other designer’s bags. Sure, they may have chewed down some leather in their day, but we’re willing to bet these sports icons wouldn’t get caught dead with Designer Man Purses.

-Mark M