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SportsRoids Salutes Pink Hat Nation

September 19, 2008 by sportsroids · 1 Comment 

by Mark M

Tom Brady as well as SportsRoids Salutes Pink Hat Nation

Tom Brady as well as SportsRoids Salutes Pink Hat Nation

We’ve been doing alot of work here at SportsRoids over the past month. It has been pretty demanding keeping up on and creating new content for our readers, but I would say that is the bulk of what we do. We get you new ideas new stories, and we never “copy and paste” like many other websites do. It is all to often that you’ll see a blog whose owner no doubt is only trying to make money on clickthroughs or Internet advertising campaigns and has devoted no time to producing original content for thier page. This is a sad concept but many people use it. SportsRoids will never just regurgitate some other sites content, because we believe that takes away from what we are, which is ourselves. We want you the reader to get chance to really know us. I am very happy to report that we at SportsRoids have found another blog which share this “original content only policy”. That blog is call Pink Hat Nation. These guys knew how a great sports blog is supposed to be run, yet they must have been chewed up by the rigors of running the site. Pink Hat Nation was a great friend to Sportsroids.com our beginning stages, We will leave up this salute in Memory of the late great Pink Hat Nation. I suggest that everyone clicks through here and pays their respects to this site, while it is still up. Pink Hat Nation’s articles and posts were top notch. Pink Hat Nation we Salute you!

SportsRoids.com Salutes Udothedishes.com

September 9, 2008 by sportsroids · 1 Comment 

By Mark M
There are only few websites out there that really catch my attention as a blogger. I like the real websites, meaning the ones made by real people about real issues. For the most part we see blogs and web articles that are written by people who are not living the material that pose as their content. There are numerous examples of this out there on the web, but one could be the unoriginal guy we all know, who just reprints everyone’s articles on his blog site. Well, I found a site that is definitivaly real people making real articles on real interests they have. That site is  “http://udothedishes.com/“. This site is so great that we here at SportsRoids would like to give them a SportsRoid Salute.
After talking directly with the Blake Johnson, Founding Editor of the site,  I realized he runs the website as a “passion project” and therefore, he is a real blogger in my eyes. Mr Johnson began to describe to me the the site’s origins, and by then I had realized that we at SportsRoids share many ideals in common with them. He said, “I like to write and researching for my posts keeps me sharp on the things I care about and would normally be reading about anyway.” He then elaberated that, “No one that writes for Food for thought (Website’s Articles) is classically trained as a writer and we’re definitely no reporters. We all are simply either getting our masters degrees or working full-time. Lastly, we are all actually friends and have known one another since high school.”
We admire poeple with passion at SportsRoids and “Udothedishes.com” has that and more. They have great original content that show and portray real poeple’s issues involving topics that range from music, movies, sports, Political pieces. They really just write what they are interested in, and we feel that makes for great content. We think they are worth a look and hope they keep up the great work. So check them out at http://udothedishes.com/