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Why Michael? Jackson selling cheap sex doll

March 2, 2009 by MarkM · 3 Comments 

Michael Jackson's child NBA action figure

Michael Jackson

So, I thought the NBA’s reputation could not get any worse, and then what happens? Yes It is the return of the 360 thriller, Michael Jackson. Mr. Jackson has seemed to come under some financial troubles over the past year and is now auctioning off some of his most prized possessions, including things from Neverland ranch. The one troubling thing is that he has a custom created child figurine that is sporting a Suns jersey on sale. Personally that just seems creepy to me. I will fully admit that Michael was the greatest pop artist in US history but we all know his darker side, and I would like to say shame on the person who decides to buy this sexual voodoo doll for it’s predicted 80 to 120 dollar price tag.

Michael Jackson is just creepy looking now. Damn!

Michael Jackson is just creepy looking now. Damn!