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Free “O”

March 5, 2009 by Theboinger · Leave a Comment 

Terrell Owens A Free Agent Once Again

Terrell Owens A Free Agent Once Again

Here we go again. The ink is not even dry yet on Manny Ramirez’s contract and this morning we learned that our favorite media darling, Terrell Owens, has been released by the Cowboys. I guess we are not really too shocked by this but I can tell you for sure Tony Romo is the saddest cowboy on the plain. But who cares about him? All I want to know is: Where is T.O. going now?

There are 31 other teams out there that surely would love to have his numbers injected into their offense but only a handful would find it worth it. As well an even smaller group have enough to lure him in. Further still even less would take the risk.

So who are they? Well, first you would have to weed out the pretenders. T.O. is not going anywhere a rebuilding is in progress. Certainly he is not going anywhere there is no QB with a resume. That leaves teams with coaches that have job security as well as stability. But Philly is out and Parcells disciples Coughlin and Sparano surely would not have him.

I do not think that Atlanta or Baltimore would risk the progress of their young starting QB’s by bringing Owens in to help. The Vikings could certainly use his services. However, they do not throw the ball in an offense built around Adrian Peterson nor do they have a QB to get Owens the ball.

The Jets? HAHA

How about the Redskins, Saints or Chargers? Hey why not right. The Redskins and Dan Snyder have proven they will spend money on anything. Owens would love the chance to remain in the division and now stick it to Philly and Dallas. Given the way he regularly torches the Giants that would mean six games worth of great potential from Owens. The Saints have the high powered offensive attack that would suit Owens wants as well as his need to be with a big time QB in Drew Brees. But is there room for him and his ego among all those other big names? Shockey Bush Colston etc. San Diego might be the best fit. He becomes the number one option for Phillip Rivers who is probably salivating as we speak. It would take pressure off Antonio Gates and his big toe. As well this would open up a running lane or two for Ladainian Tomlinson and allow him to be L.T. again.

Allow me to just throw this out there: X Y Z – Owens Welker Moss. Get your pop-corn ready!

Top Ten 10 NFL Head coaches of 2008

November 7, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · 1 Comment 

jeff fisher Top Ten 10 NFL Head coaches of 2008Mad’Nuff Weekly top 10

From now on Each week I will bring you my top 10 Whatever, it could my top ten sports teams or my top 10 sports drinks, who knows,  This week I will give you the top 10 head coaches for 2008 in the NFL.


1.       Jeff Fisher

Gets the top spot for what he is doing with the Titans right now he knows how to give his team the best chance to win.  They are not the most talented team in the league by a long shot but with Jeff Fisher running the team defense first, run second, manage third the Titans are guaranteed a top seed in the AFC playoffs this year.

2.       Bill Belichick

I hate this guy and he is clearly a cheater in my eyes but he is still a pretty good coach, no one in the league schemes a team like Belichick does and I mean no one.

3.       Andy Reid

Andy Reid and his famous offense are what keep the Eagles winning year after year the Eagles never have any #1 wideouts but always mange to put up large offensive number, mostly in part because of the excellent offensive packages he has.

4.       Mike Tomlin

Mike is the head coach of one of the NFL’s most historic teams and he is only 36 years old, he has taken a team that was .500 before he came to the playoffs in his first year, and it seems like this year the Steelers will be a top seed in the Playoffs.  Mike’s willingness to bend just enough for the sake of his coordinators helps him keep his team winning

5.       Eric Mangini

Mangenius is just that; a genius when it comes to coaching if he could beat his mentor more often he might be higher on the list.  There is not a coach in the league that is able to win as much as Mangini with as little talent.  The Jets are one of the most unimpressive teams when it comes to talent but Mangini has the schemes to turn losers into winners….kind of.

6.       Tom Coughlin

From tough as nails to the players coach Coughlin has turned the Giants into a true football team.  He has managed to get rid of egos, and distractions to get his team focused on one goal another Superbowl.  Many coaches find it hard to keep a team focused after they have won it all but Coughlin knows how to manage players and keep them focused better than any coach in the league.

7.       Jeff Fox

Jeff had caught a few tough breaks in his tenure in Carolina but this year he is showing people what he can do when all the guys he needs to run his system are healthy, he needs a big win this year in the playoffs or he may not make the next list because he will no longer be a head coach.

8.       John Gruden

Chucky, the guy is a maniac but he knows how to win with anybody at the helm.  John Gruden is one of the best at putting his individuals players in the best position to win, it doesn’t matter whether or not it is a quarter back, running back, or wideout John will make you succeed if you are starting for him.

9.       Tony Dungy

The man invented the Tampa cover 2, it is still one of the most effective defenses this year.  With his team reeling he seems poised to earn this spot in the top ten by squeaking off enough games to get a hurt and battered team to the playoffs.

10.   Ken Whisenhunt

The guy is winning in Arizona hell Obama couldn’t even do that.   Whisenhunt is an offensive genius and again anytime you can come out on top as the head coach of the Cardinals you have to be pretty good.