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Tim Tebow To The Turf…Of The Metrodome?

January 9, 2009 by Theboinger · Leave a Comment 

Tim Tebow Two Time Natinal Champion

Tim Tebow Two Time Natinal Champion

I will be the first to admit that I just do not like Tim Tebow. I absolutely want to vomit every time he hits the pull up jumper down on the goal line. Until today I thought he would not make much of a career in the NFL either. However, last night my opinion began to change a bit. Certainly not because the Fox broadcasters convinced me he is the Messiah. (Were they terrible or what?) As I watched Percy Harvin bust that long run to put the Gators back in business it made me think about Adrian Peterson and this year’s NFL playoffs. All year long we had to listen to grumblings about the Vikings being a Super Bowl contender if they had a QB. So I thought to myself who are they going to find that could get them over the hump? They are built to win now. They need a leader on that offense and a veteran is just not going to be available to them and Tavaris Jackson will never be that guy. And I have news for you, Sam Bradford and the rest of the nation’s would-be rookie class of QB’s are no where near the level of last year’s draft class. So forget another Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco type playoff run. Then as the Gator offense got rolling I thought of Vince Youngs performance in both Rose Bowls and wondered if Jeff Fisher wouldn’t roll out the “Wildcat” this weekend with Vince against the Baltimore Ravens.

Then it hit me. Tebow to the Vikings. Just like that. I think he would be the perfect fit for the Vikings offense. He could run that offense all day with Adrian Peterson behind him or beside him. He easily becomes the leader of that offense and probably the team. He is perfect for the role. He would not have to worry about passing the ball all that much. With that defense and that run game behind that offensive line try to imagine having to stop both he and Peterson every down. Thrown in a short passing game the occasional deep ball and a pull up jumper here and there, you’ve got something. No?

Are the Tennessee Titans for Real?

November 6, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Kerry Collins has hardly put up the numbers of a quarterback one can rely on. How long until the Titans need a quarterback who can pick up the slack when the defense needs help?

Kerry Collins has hardly put up the numbers of a quarterback one can rely on. How long until the Titans need a quarterback who can pick up the slack when the defense needs help?

The Tennessee Titans have been the poster child of consistency thus far in the NFL. I mean, when you keep winning, it doesn’t get anymore consistent than that. However, they have had the luxury of a soft schedule for the better part of the 2008 season.





So far they’ve beaten the underachieving Jaguars, recently first-win getting Bengals, choppy Houston Texans, similar Minnesota Vikings at home, barely came back to beat the Ravens with a  dismal 13-10 final score, atrocious Kansas City Chiefs, struggling Colts, and got pushed into overtime at home to the promising 4-4 Green Bay Packers. This week, they get to play the Bears with Rex Grossman.

This team has received as much hype thus far as it has a favorable schedule. But seriously, how far can a 35 year old quarterback in Kerry Collins, sporting a 72.9 QB rating overall, with 3 total TD passes versus 3 INT passes expect to get? I know old-timers like Favre and Warner are still capable, but they are probably the first older quarterbacks to have Super Bowl potential since Randal Cunningham with the Vikings.

I know defense wins championships, but in recent history, the only team that can be considered to have become Super Bowl Champs solely on defense and good running with a game managing quarterback are the 2000 Baltimore Ravens who had Trent Dilfer.

It is a delicate matter what Vince Young seems to be going through this season, and is certainly nothing to look at without sympathy. But after he failed to improve in his second season, and add that to the personal issues in his third, and the Titans could be in trouble.

Vince Young's personal issues are a delicate matter. But after failing to improve in his second season, plus the issues in his third, then the Titans could be in trouble.

I see this team falling hard at some point in this season and eventually turning the ball over to Vince Young. Even then, that is not a safe bet. It will be interesting to see how the Titans look entering the playoffs.


Vince Young Not Smart enough to Start?

October 30, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · 1 Comment 

vince young Vince Young Not Smart enough to Start?The Titans are 7-0 without the help of Vince Young this year but I think the real reason Vince Young isn’t starting is not because of his skills it is because of his smarts.  Kerry Collins is a manger for the Titans and there is no implication or even thought that he will replace Vince young in the long run.   Vince is a superior talent all round and his skills are not what’s in question.  It seems to me that Vince young just is not smart enough to hold and retain the information it takes to be a great QB.  His learning curve seems to be very low.  The Titans have been unable in 3 years with Vince to put together an entire playbook under Vince’s command.  This is because Vince is just taking too long to learn these things.  Eventually he will and that is the reason he is sitting this year, to give him more time to focus on learning the plays and calls it takes to bring a QB to the next level.


It is no Secret that Vince Young has managed to play well in the NFL but this is off of raw talent and instinct.  Vince’s scores on the wonderlic test at the combine were telling of this but most teams ignored his  very low scores, (I mean the scores almost said he was retarded) because of his upside, and rightfully so.  But it seems that those scores were telling, of what Vince’s situation is now.   Simply put Vince Young is just not smart enough to pick up the information needed to Start for a NFL team at QB and play right  away as well.  He should have sat his first 2 years so that he could learn and then start the 3rd not the other way around which is the case right now.  Now don’t get me wrong Vince is going to be a great QB he practically is right now, but he cannot progress to the next level until he gains enough knowledge to run an entire NFL offense.