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A Sportsroids Salute to “The Cardinals Fan”

January 20, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff 

cardianls fan A Sportsroids Salute to “The Cardinals Fan”A Sportsroids Salute to “The Cardinals Fan”

Every now and then Sportsroids comes across a person or institution that truly deserves recognition, when we come across them we like to offer an official salute to them on our salutes page.

Today Sportsroids would like to Salute the Arizona Cardinals fan, yes you the true fan not the guy who broke his leg on Sunday trying to hop on the band wagon. We salute the fan who was their when they were the Phoenix cardinals and the St. Louis Cardinals, or if you are old enough the Chicago Cardinals. The guy who saw Jake Plummer come like a beacon of hope only to impress and still fail to win, the one who was there when David Boston posted amazing stats on his steroid binge, and who saw a young and promising Thomas Jones ride the bench under Antionio Pittman. We Salute that fan; the one who could name the whole entire 1994 roster, the one who can recite every first round pick from 1970 to the present, the guy who still where’s his Ottis Anderson jersey, YES YOU we salute you on this day. We salute you because a new light has dawned on this once dismal franchise and for all your years of pain you the true fan finally don’t have to say maybe next year. Because this is your year win lose or draw you have overcome the ney sayers and have shown that with persistence that paces back over 100 years even the lowly can rise to the top, out of the broken ashes of this dismal franchise arises not a Cardinal but mush like it’s nearest city a Phoenix. So hold you head up Cardianls fan because Sportsroids sends you an official salute.


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