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Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.

February 1, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff · Leave a Comment 

Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.

voltron Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.  

Well after thousands of People Jumped on the Arizona band wagon the Pittsburgh faithful come out with a true victory in the greatest Super Bowl any one under 35 years old has ever seen.   The question remains to be answered just where Big Ben is to be put in the legacy of great NFL Quarterbacks.  His states are not always great but his passer rating usually is and when it comes to making plays he is second to none.  I will say that Big Ben is infaticly the greatest scrambler ever.  Only a great quarterback can do the things that he did in this Super Bowl.  Kurt Warner had better stats but Big Ben delivered when it counted.   After the Cardinals scored to take the lead on huge plays from one of the NFs greatest receivers Larry Fitzgerald ,Big Ben was able to come back and delver.

voltron guys Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.

(Here is what happened)

With under 3 minutes to Play Ben Roethlisberger  and Santonio Holmes combined to create Voltron.  In these ensuing events the Cardinals defense was unable to stop this machine of pure offensive mastery.   With Santonio Holmes forming the head the Steelers marched down the field for what would be the game winning touchdown and one of the greatest drives in NFL history.  I will also add that Santonio Holmes the Super Bowl MVP had his great performance 2 days removed from having his rating lowered in Madden 09 (idiots) if anything Santonio Holmes has only gotten better with each game.  Big Ben again showed that he is able to make the plays when it counts.   Big Ben and Santonio proved that in deed no one can stop Voltron “and I mean no one.”

Its official Steelers win!! Polamalu compares Kurt Warner to Tommy Maddox.

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tommy maddox1 Its official Steelers win!! Polamalu compares Kurt Warner to Tommy Maddox.

In an interview this week Troy Polamalu was asked about Kurt Warners resurgence in the NFL, Polamalu went on to compare it to Tommy Maddox’s days with the Steelers.    He stated that Kurt Warner is a good quarter back in a great system with great players, and that is the truth.  While Kurt Warner is a good quarterback we all saw how well he performed in New York.   If that indeed is the truth then here is another truth you can’t win the Super Bowl with Tommy Maddox at the helm.   The Steelers know all to well what that is like,  the only concern now is if Kurt Warner  a former NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion will use that comment as fuel to help him play better.  I know that if I was compared to Tommy Maddox in anything I would be quite upset.    Now the intention is not to take what Polamalu said out of context, he in fact was doing his best (as all the Players have been doing this week) to say nothing but good things about the other team to keep media hype down.  However if Tommy Maddox is involved in the topic there can be no good to come from it.   On the other side I am sure Tommy Maddox is somewhere saying “yeah I am kinda like Kurt Warner” ha ha ha.

A Sportsroids Salute to “The Cardinals Fan”

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cardianls fan A Sportsroids Salute to “The Cardinals Fan”A Sportsroids Salute to “The Cardinals Fan”

Every now and then Sportsroids comes across a person or institution that truly deserves recognition, when we come across them we like to offer an official salute to them on our salutes page.

Today Sportsroids would like to Salute the Arizona Cardinals fan, yes you the true fan not the guy who broke his leg on Sunday trying to hop on the band wagon. We salute the fan who was their when they were the Phoenix cardinals and the St. Louis Cardinals, or if you are old enough the Chicago Cardinals. The guy who saw Jake Plummer come like a beacon of hope only to impress and still fail to win, the one who was there when David Boston posted amazing stats on his steroid binge, and who saw a young and promising Thomas Jones ride the bench under Antionio Pittman. We Salute that fan; the one who could name the whole entire 1994 roster, the one who can recite every first round pick from 1970 to the present, the guy who still where’s his Ottis Anderson jersey, YES YOU we salute you on this day. We salute you because a new light has dawned on this once dismal franchise and for all your years of pain you the true fan finally don’t have to say maybe next year. Because this is your year win lose or draw you have overcome the ney sayers and have shown that with persistence that paces back over 100 years even the lowly can rise to the top, out of the broken ashes of this dismal franchise arises not a Cardinal but mush like it’s nearest city a Phoenix. So hold you head up Cardianls fan because Sportsroids sends you an official salute.

Polamalu owns Ed Reed in Big Game

January 18, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff · 2 Comments 

Ed Reed never won one of these 

Troy Polamalu is the best safety in the league, while he and Ed Reed play different safety positions I find the disrespect that he gets awful.   All these past four weeks, all you heard about was Ed Reed and his 9 interceptions on the season, most of which he got later in year.  People forget that Polamalu was leading the league in interceptions prior to that with 7.  Polamalu is a great cover safety though he may not be as good as Ed Reed is, he is not fair behind him.  But one thing that Ed Reed can’t do is be a presence in all facets of defense.  This AFC championship game showed that. Ed reed was almost none existent in the biggest game of his career, while Polamalu was a force to be reckoned with.  Troy Polamalu can play the pass the run and blitz;  when was the last time you saw Ed Reed in the box?  Well I will tell you almost never.  While Ed Reed is one of the greatest safeties ever Polamalu is just better because he can do more.  He stopped Flacco on a fourth down conversion attempt and then again for a major loss on a designed quarterback run.   Ed didn’t have any tackles in the back field “go fiqure”  Polamalu is on completely different level than other safeties and tonight proved it.