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Not So BIG Papi

May 31, 2009 by Theboinger · Leave a Comment 

David Ortiz Before The Redsox Taught Him To Use Steroids

David Ortiz Before The Redsox Taught Him To Use Steroids

Give me a break Peter Gammons! What do you mean no one knows what is wrong? How could you say Terry Francona has no clue? The Red Sox and Theo Epstein are uncertain how to handle this?

David Ortiz was and obviously is no longer a steroid user. In the wake of the Mitchell Report his batting average dropped nearly 100 points. I don’t want to hear about his ailing wrist and I don’t want to hear about Manny Ramirez being traded. The guy was user plain and simple. Anyone who does not see that is blind. All of the sudden he can no longer hit? Give me a break.

One thing we have learned from all this: those who protest the most are most likely guilty themselves. Anyone who spoke out against steroids after the Mitchell Report was released as did Ortiz can kiss my pale side. Including you Curt Schilling. Each and every player had an opportunity to speak out against this long before they were forced to admit what they did after having been caught and Ortiz is no exception.

Wake up everyone. Dont believe the hype and dont let the spin ESPN puts on it cloud your vision of the truth.


Play as LT in NFL Speed Back on Sportsroids Internet Arcade

March 25, 2009 by MarkM · 1 Comment 

NFL Speed Back from ESPN

NFL Speed Back from ESPN

Come play NFL Speed Back on Sportroids.com Internet Arcade. This game is really simple. Get Tomlinson into the endzone by avoiding all the tacklers and move on to the next level. Come test your skill and vision as you try to make it to the next level. This game was sponsored by ESPN and produced by Skyworks.com

Drug Pushers

March 10, 2009 by Theboinger · Leave a Comment 

Performance Enhancing Drugs Like Viagra Are Being Pushed On Our Youth During Major Sporting Events

Performance Enhancing Drugs Like Viagra Are Being Pushed On Our Youth During Major Sporting Events

I have a “bone” to pick. MLB, ESPN, and WFAN call all kiss my ass! I am sorry that it took me this long to realize it and I apologize to our readers for not addressing this sooner. It has been 15 months since the release of the Mitchell Report. In that time we have seen the games biggest stars fall from grace. They have either been caught or accused of abusing illegal drugs in hope of enhancing their performance on the field. They have been disgraced as well as their families, teams, fans and countries. We have shamed them for it. We have listened to beat writers, talk show hosts and “analysts” talk about their influence on children and the negative effects they have on children.

Why is it then that all three of these major sports media outlets allow Pfizer to advertise Viagra during baseball games? Viagra is a performance enhancing drug is it not? Who is responsible for this? This is an outrage. How do I explain what erectile dysfunction is to my five year old daughter during the 5th inning of USA vs Canada? Which by the way was not a prime time telecast. Even tonight in the wake of The Netherlands upset over La Republica Domincana, ESPN is still firing away at Roger Clemens and the fabricated evidence against him in an attempt to tear him down yet after the story aired the next block of commercials included an add for Viagra. Give me a break!

Advertising during prime time when the kids should be in bed is one thing. Yet, Baseball is sacred. Is it not? I do not care what time it is, drugs should not be pushed on us during sporting events. It sends a terrible message. The wrong message. How can you take your kids to a baseball game when there are signs up all over the place with old ugly pediphiles on them trying to keep an erection?

You would think they would have pulled the adds considering the poster child for abusing performance enhancing drugs and lying about it was also peddling Viagra. Has anyone seen Rafael Palmeiro lately?

Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.

February 1, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff · Leave a Comment 

Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.

voltron Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.  

Well after thousands of People Jumped on the Arizona band wagon the Pittsburgh faithful come out with a true victory in the greatest Super Bowl any one under 35 years old has ever seen.   The question remains to be answered just where Big Ben is to be put in the legacy of great NFL Quarterbacks.  His states are not always great but his passer rating usually is and when it comes to making plays he is second to none.  I will say that Big Ben is infaticly the greatest scrambler ever.  Only a great quarterback can do the things that he did in this Super Bowl.  Kurt Warner had better stats but Big Ben delivered when it counted.   After the Cardinals scored to take the lead on huge plays from one of the NFs greatest receivers Larry Fitzgerald ,Big Ben was able to come back and delver.

voltron guys Big Ben and Santonio Holmes Combine to create Voltron in game winning Drive.

(Here is what happened)

With under 3 minutes to Play Ben Roethlisberger  and Santonio Holmes combined to create Voltron.  In these ensuing events the Cardinals defense was unable to stop this machine of pure offensive mastery.   With Santonio Holmes forming the head the Steelers marched down the field for what would be the game winning touchdown and one of the greatest drives in NFL history.  I will also add that Santonio Holmes the Super Bowl MVP had his great performance 2 days removed from having his rating lowered in Madden 09 (idiots) if anything Santonio Holmes has only gotten better with each game.  Big Ben again showed that he is able to make the plays when it counts.   Big Ben and Santonio proved that in deed no one can stop Voltron “and I mean no one.”

Rutuu Bites, Wild Patient, Caps Finish

January 7, 2009 by Big Tony · 2 Comments 

polar bear hockey 300x213 Rutuu Bites, Wild Patient, Caps Finish

Tuesday night Jarkko Ruutu of the Ottawa Senators apparently bit Sabres’ defensemen Andrew Peters in the thumb. It is awful that Ruutu did that and hopefully he is severely punished, but it is the hope of hockey fans everywhere that the casual fan will not once again only see hockey in this light (since ESPN eats stuff like this up) and think that’s all that goes on in hockey. If all they did in NFL coverage was show guys getting poked in the eye or really bad facemask penalties and quarterbacks getting knocked out or guys getting paralyzed it would give football a bad name for sure but we all know that stuff does not happen frequently and the NHL should be given the same consideration. So please, if you have casual fans as friends and think this is how it is all the time please just get them to follow a number of games and they will quickly see it is not an every game occurrence.

Now to the better side of hockey and that would be two great match-ups Tuesday night between the Boston Bruins and Minnesota Wild, and the game of the night between Washington and Philadelphia. Boston was defeated 1-0 by Minnesota making it two in a row for Boston cooling off the then hottest team in the league. What is to be learned from that game is Minnesota is simply better at running the dreaded neutral zone trap than the Bruins head-to-head. Boston has been able to open up the ice to score more goals now but if other teams are paying attention Minnesota taught them a great lesson. If you slow the game down and play most of it at center ice Boston will get so frustrated because they are so hungry to score that they end up skating in circles and don’t get anything going. Patience is the best way to beat Boston not trying to outscore them.

As for Washington and Philly, all that needs to be said about that at the moment is that if you’re looking for the anti-Ruutu game, this was the one to watch. That game was everything that makes hockey such a great game to watch.

Monday Night Guarantee

November 17, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · 1 Comment 

brady quinn 189x300 Monday Night Guarantee This week we have the Bills against the Browns, Brady Quinn in his second showing as the leader of the much disenfranchised Cleveland team will not be enough.  The Browns are already playing for next year while the Bills need a win and are desperate to make it to the playoffs.  Brady Quinn will have a decent game but the Bills are a team in every since of the word and Cleveland is a group of individuals.  Brady Quinn is trying to prove that he is as good as he feels is, and Buffalo just wants to prove they can win


Bills win 28-17 (point spread)

Fantasy Football: Dance With The Girl That Brung Ya

November 16, 2008 by Theboinger · 1 Comment 

And to think you took Tom Brady #1

And to think you took Tom Brady #1

Tis the season! Well, by now you have made your run. You are either in the mix for the playoffs/points lead or you are sitting at the bottom wondering what life would have been like if you had not taken Tom Brady or Randy Moss with that number one pick. It is okay, I got bit too in my ESPN pay league but I also followed up the Brady pick with Peyton Manning second. Come on, how could I let the guys that had the top three RB’s have a shot at Manning too? (I’m 3-7)

If you are still alive and kicking or even if you are at the very top remember one thing: DO NOT GET CUTE! In other words “Dance With The Girl That Brung Ya“. The worst thing you can do now is start picking up and dropping guys for the sake of making the roster look good for one week. Someone just today in our CBS league benched Ladainian Tomlinson and played BenJarvis Green-Ellis in his stead. I know I do not have to worry about any of you doing that because our readers are way more savvy.  If you made it to the playoffs go with your gut but beware the trap of trying to gain extra points somewhere with a third option WR because his team is playing a poor secondary vs playing a starting RB who had an off week.  Be consistent and stick with the guys you have the most confidence in no matter what the matchup. You do not want to have to look back at your bench and find yourself asking “How did I not play that guy?”

Magic Gone for Indy

October 28, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · 2 Comments 

peyton manning 267x300 Magic Gone for IndyMagic Gone for Indy

In watching the Colts play on Monday it is official that they are not the same team that they used to be.  After being the dominant team in the league for 5 years they are on the down turn.   Usually Peyton finds a way to win games like the one played on Monday night.  He calls some of his assistants to help him conjure up some magic and lead his team to victory.   This time they started off with a view tricks that impressed the crowd, but then, yes my friends the magic died.   Peyton reached into his hat but came out with nothing, no help from his supporting cast no nothing.  He was on stage by himself the second act of the show and it showed, Peyton is still the same he can still read the defense and make the throws, but his assistants not so much.   The Colts need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what they need to do change the way they are playing, it starts with figuring out a way to bring back the magic.   I suggest a call to David Blaine.

Mad’Nuff Monday Night Guarantee

October 27, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · 1 Comment 

Well this week is an easy call right? The Titans are the most dominate run team in the league and the Colts have one of the worst run defenses in the league. The Titans are rolling and playing with confidence and each week you know what you will get, while with Colts they look disoriented and inconsistent. The Titans defense is stifling against the run and the Colts have had problems all year running the football. Not to mention that this is a home game for the Titans who are primed and excited to play on Monday night. But wait…Peyton Manning magic anyone? Look for the colts to win this one, I know it sound crazy but the colts are not ready to lose 2 in a row, and where there is a will there is a Peyton Manning waiting to lead his team to victory.

Colts over the Titans 17-14

peyton manning MadNuff Monday Night Guarantee