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Monday Night Guarantee

November 23, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · Leave a Comment 

green bay packers Monday Night GuaranteeMonday Night Guarantee


So it hasn’t been a good year for me this year on my Monday Night picks but it still looks like my Superbowl choices have a chance (check out my pre-season prediction in the football section.)  This week is another tough one but… “I got this.”  Green Bay takes on New Orleans or “Norlens if ya from the bayou”.  These are two teams that can put up some points, so I am going to have to go with the team that is more complete and that is Green Bay.  Both teams will put points on the board, but while Green Bay’s defense is not playing that well it is still better than the Saints and that is going to be the difference.  Look for Green Bay’s defense to come up big late in second half and then again late in the fourth. 

Point spread Green Bay wins in a shootout (38-33)

Monday Night Guarantee

November 17, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · 1 Comment 

brady quinn 189x300 Monday Night Guarantee This week we have the Bills against the Browns, Brady Quinn in his second showing as the leader of the much disenfranchised Cleveland team will not be enough.  The Browns are already playing for next year while the Bills need a win and are desperate to make it to the playoffs.  Brady Quinn will have a decent game but the Bills are a team in every since of the word and Cleveland is a group of individuals.  Brady Quinn is trying to prove that he is as good as he feels is, and Buffalo just wants to prove they can win


Bills win 28-17 (point spread)

Monday Night Guarantee

November 10, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · Leave a Comment 

larry fitzgerald Monday Night GuaranteeThis week we have the Arizona Cardinals against the San Francisco 49ers a conference clash that really no one is excited about, the 49ers are one of the worst teams in the league and the Cardinals have no fans.   However look for the Cardinals to create some fans on during Prime time this week.  The 49ers are going to get owned this week mainly because the offensive is going to put the defense in bad situations like they have been doing all year. 


Point spread 35-14 Cardinals win