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Fantasy Football: Dance With The Girl That Brung Ya

November 16, 2008 by Theboinger · 1 Comment 

And to think you took Tom Brady #1

And to think you took Tom Brady #1

Tis the season! Well, by now you have made your run. You are either in the mix for the playoffs/points lead or you are sitting at the bottom wondering what life would have been like if you had not taken Tom Brady or Randy Moss with that number one pick. It is okay, I got bit too in my ESPN pay league but I also followed up the Brady pick with Peyton Manning second. Come on, how could I let the guys that had the top three RB’s have a shot at Manning too? (I’m 3-7)

If you are still alive and kicking or even if you are at the very top remember one thing: DO NOT GET CUTE! In other words “Dance With The Girl That Brung Ya“. The worst thing you can do now is start picking up and dropping guys for the sake of making the roster look good for one week. Someone just today in our CBS league benched Ladainian Tomlinson and played BenJarvis Green-Ellis in his stead. I know I do not have to worry about any of you doing that because our readers are way more savvy.  If you made it to the playoffs go with your gut but beware the trap of trying to gain extra points somewhere with a third option WR because his team is playing a poor secondary vs playing a starting RB who had an off week.  Be consistent and stick with the guys you have the most confidence in no matter what the matchup. You do not want to have to look back at your bench and find yourself asking “How did I not play that guy?”