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Wrong Again

January 22, 2009 by Theboinger 

Rex Ryan Takes Center Stage On "Broadway"

Rex Ryan Takes Center Stage On

Will the New York Jets ever get it right? That remains to be seen. For now I will let you chew on this. The only two defensive coordinators to win a Superbowl in their first head coaching job with new organizations are Tom Landry and Bill Cowher. Landry went to the Dallas Cowboys in 1960 after spending the previous six seasons as the defensive coordinator for the New York Giants. Bill Cowher took over for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1992 after having spent the previous three seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs as their D.C. Landry spent 29 seasons in Big D having won and lost two Superbowls. Cowher spent 15 seasons in the Steel City yielding one Superbowl victory and one loss. It took Landry 11 years to win a Superbowl and it took Cowher his entire coaching career to accomplish the same. Mike Tomlin could very well add his name to this very short and elite list. Making him the quickest to do so in that small class. 

Many of you are going to point out that everyone is an assistant at some point and that they cant all win Superbowls. Surely names like Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick will surface as well. Of course I am sure you will not forget Lovie Smith and John Fox. How much longer are you willing to wait Jets fans?

Don Shula + David Shula = 2 Superbowls

Bum Phillips + Wade Phillips = 0 Superbowls

Jim Mora + Jim Mora Jr = PLAYOFFS!?!? 0 Superbowls

Dick Nolan + Mike Nolan = FIRED 0 no Superbowls

Buddy Ryan + Rex Ryan = ? Superbowls


2 Responses to “Wrong Again”

  1. Panda on January 22nd, 2009 10:02 am

    Nice article

    I like Rex Ryan and with the fact that there are 32 NFL teams so any given year there are 32 NFL coaches (times the turnover of NFL coachs) and I imagine any coach:super bowl conversion ratio you try to use will look poorly. Rex has swagger, old school football coach instincts and at the very least will take what is a very talented defense and make them play like men. As a Jet fan I am looking for a coach to make Gang Green a feared, smash mouth, gritty and succesful team year over year. Eventually a Super Bowl is the goal, but you have to develop a system that grinds out wins every year until you finally catch the breaks and go all the way. Needless to say, the best “paper team” in football does not win the Super Bowl every year, but I do think more often than not the best “teammates” do win the Super Bowl. I think Rex will install that kind of culture to the Jets and know he will make us winners year over year and regain the respect that was lost long ago. R-E-X Rex Rex Rex!

  2. LF on January 26th, 2009 6:05 pm

    Rex has a lot of love now, but three years from now, if he doesn’t at least make it to one Super Bowl, he’ll be shown the door. Such is life in New York. If Cowher and Landry were coaching in New York, they would have likely been finished inside of five years.

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