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Tom Brady is Ruining football!!!!!!

March 24, 2009 by MadisonMadnuff 

spaceball Tom Brady is Ruining football!!!!!!tom brady Tom Brady is Ruining football!!!!!!

Tom Brady is Ruining football!!!!!!


First it was the tuck rule now it is the Brady rule.   The NFL will pass a rule that says players currently on the ground cannot attack the quarterback below the waste, whether he is in possession of the ball or not.  This rule is supposed to be in place to protect the quarterbacks but the Quarterbacks don’t need any more protecting.   In the last 10 years only 2 quarterbacks have suffered injury from a player grabbing them while on the ground, Tom Brady, and Carson Palmer.  Both of whom are now fine and will be playing in the upcoming season.  To be honest I am sick of Tom Brady ruining football the tuck rule was bad enough but this is just plain stupid, they are changing the game in manner that it should not be.   Defensive players soon will no longer be allowed to do anything and all football games will look like arena football.    The thing that NFL has forgotten is that Carson Palmer and Tom Brady’s injuries are their own fault.   Tom Brady has a sloppy throwing stance and lazy legs in the pocket, that makes him stand with straight legs when he is in the pocket, so when he throws the ball there is no give in his knees if a defender were to hit him.   That is why Brady got injured, his lazy legs and an inability to chop his feet in the pocket.  If you look at almost every other quarterback in the league including Peyton Manning they all chop their feet to a degree in the pocket so when they get hit low there is give in their knees.   Tom Brady’s injury was inevitable because of this straight leg pocket stance all quarterbacks with stances like that get knee injuries.   The NFL just needs to tell Tom to chop his feet and be more active in the pocket and the problem would be solved.    


4 Responses to “Tom Brady is Ruining football!!!!!!”

  1. Mark M on March 24th, 2009 3:03 pm

    I agree

  2. David Conway on March 25th, 2009 3:39 am

    Absolutely right!!! I thought this was FOOTBALL not Balet. First you cheat, then you’re sacked while playing football and cry like a baby because the rules are unfair, it’s called a game. Lose the superman attitude and play the game for the game or take your millions of dollars and trophy wife and dissapear. Maybe Moss could go with you. You should be ashamed to have played at Michigan with their reputation I’ve lost all respect, I didn’t have much to begin with.

  3. Big Tony on March 31st, 2009 2:21 pm

    Absolutely. What’s next, players will have to count to five before rushing the quarterback? Perhaps it will turn into two-hand-touch… no no, because then a quarterback might get pushed to the ground. Great commentary on Brady not chopping his feet too. Ya know it’s funny, no one forces these guys to play football. if they are so worried about getting hurt then get a desk job!

  4. Rich Archambault on November 30th, 2009 1:16 am

    Wow, you guys are morons! How is it Brady’s fault this rule was made? Never once did I see him complain about the call. Just because you hate Brady for being a winner, doesn’t make him a cry baby or a cheater. His coach took the blame for spygate and stated that his players had nothing to do with it. Not only that, why is it okay to film play calls from the press box but not from the field? Spygate was nonsense! And so is this so called sports blog! Don’t compare Brady’s patient pocket presence to Peyton Manning’s happy feet. Though, I do agree that the NFL is protecting the QB a little too much, I do not blame it on Brady! That’s ridiculous and just makes you look like a freaking idiot. There is something called “source citing,” and if you are going to say that this Brady’s rule, site the source that it came from… THERE ISN’T ONE! NEVER DID HE COMPLAIN ABOUT THAT HIT! Get over the fact that you hate the Pats for winning and get back to your crappy day job! YOU ARE NOT A WRITER!

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