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The 2-3-2 Format

June 10, 2009 by AlexV 

Superman better be ready to overcome super odds.

Superman better be ready to overcome super odds.

My friends, the Orlando Magic have managed to keep the NBA Finals of 2009 watchable. As many of you know, nobody has ever returned from a 3-0 hole, and with that possibility out of the question, and a guaranteed game five, this series should not be keeping people away… even if LeBron James isn’t participating. If Orlando can get game four as well, this series will become a best of three. And although the Magic have shown they can rally on the road in the playoffs, I really do not favor the 2-3-2 format of the NBA finals (team with best record plays first two and last two games at home).

I would compare the 2-3-2 finals format to that same essence of advantage to the team winning the overtime coin toss in professional football. In pro football overtime, both teams have a chance to win. But getting the ball first certainly helps as a higher percentage of teams who win those coin tosses win those games than those that lose it. Once again my friends, this holds suit in the NBA finals, and even worse perhaps.

In the history of the NBA Finals 2-3-2 format, only two teams have won those three home games in between the four road games; the Detroit Pistons when Larry Brown coached, and then the following year it was the Miami Heat when Dwyane Wade rocked. That has to tell you something. It is almost unfair, unless the team starting out on the road is obviously superior to their opponent with the better regular season record. It doesn’t matter where you play because winning three straight games anywhere in an NBA playoff series is not easy, and trying to carry momentum for three straight home games obviously isn’t either as history has shown.

For this, the Magic will lose. They didn’t steal one of the first two games, so it’s over. Six games, maybe seven.


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