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10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set up

October 24, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff 

Not Guilty10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set up

Santonio Holmes has recently been suspended for Marijuana possession when he was pulled over by a police officer. But I say he is not guilty and shouldn’t be suspended here is why.

1. It is clear the officer was a Giants fan and he planted the drugs to take him out of this weeks game.

2. Citing conspiracy as this is America so how would he be able to get marijuana when it is ILLEGAL

3. Ray Lewis said that if he didn’t get high with him he would put a bounty on him too.

4. The weed that they confiscated was dirt weed Santonio only smokes stickiest of the icky.

5. Ricky Williams was not the passenger in the car so their couldn’t have been any weed.

ricky williams 10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set upHe looks high

6. They say he handed the officer Blounts but what they didn’t say was that they were Blounts’ cards

as in Mel Blount the Steelers Hall of Fame Corner Back.

7. He fell prey to an e-mail scam disguised as a letter from Roger Goodell saying weed no longer is against NFL rules.

8. He didn’t realize that he was driving Bam Morris’ car.

bam morris2 10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set up Remember this guy

9. He could have swore that the blunts were just roles of quarters

10. If he doesn’t have the hand eye coordination to catch a ball how can he roll a blunt?


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