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Alex V’s NFL Week 8 Picks

October 25, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

OAK 2-4 at BAL 3-3

Oakland has been one feisty team as of late. I expect them to remain feisty, but it won’t be enough to overcome the Baltimore defense and improving play of QB Joe Flacco.

ARI 4-2 at CAR 5-2

Carolina slaughtered the inconsistent Saints last week winning 30-7. The Cardinals come off a huge win against Dallas and a bye week. I look to see Carolina showing some consistency. I’ll go with Carolina.

T.B. 5-2 at Dallas 4-3

Tampa is slowly coming into view from being under the radar. Either way, I don’t think Dallas is a smart enough team, collectively, to see this. I think they’ll lose at home!

WAS 5-2 at DET 0-6

Washington won already.

BUF 5-1 at MIA 2-4

Miami’s head-turning victories against the Pats and Chargers are becoming more and more distant with losses to the Texans and Ravens. The surging Bills continue to surge!

STL 2-4 at N.E. 4-2

Expect to see a partially competitive game. St. Louis has improved under Jim Haslett, but the Patriots look like they will be playing smart football for most of the remainder of this season. New England wins it.

S.D. 3-4 at New Orleans 3-4… in London

It’s funny. Both teams are highly inconsistent but have massive potential and both share equal records. This game won’t prove who’s ready to turn things around since they’re both so unpredictable. Both have great offense, but I’ll take the Chargers who have better defense. 

K.C. 1-5 at NYJ 3-3

The Jets need to make up for that “barn burner” in Oakland. One would think this is a great opportunity for them to do so, but who knows? I’ll still take the Jets at home against the struggling, running back-less, and quarterback-less Chiefs.

ATL 4-2 at PHI 3-3

Both of these teams are coming off of a bye. Even though Philadelphia looks to right its ship after a few stunning defeats this season, I just have a feeling that Atlanta is coming in confident while Philly is thinking it’s a team they should beat as long as they play well. Atlanta pulls the upset.

CLE 2-5 at JAC

Cleveland looked like they were righting the ship when they blasted the Giants on Monday Night Football. However, their showing in Washington last weekend wasn’t promising and Jacksonville is not a team to play around with. Jaguars win.

CIN 0-7 at HOU 2-4

Houston looks like they’re ready to keep opponents on their toes finally. But the Bengals aren’t a team you worry about keeping on their toes. Texans win at home.

NYG 5-1 at PIT 5-1

The Steelers will be without Willie Parker, and Santonio Holmes. But they do have Casey Hampton returning to help stop the Giants powerful run game. Eli’s stats have dipped lately and I think that will continue this week, and while both teams are getting to the quarterback at a high rate, I will go with the Steelers just because they’re at home.

SEA 1-5 at SF 2-5

In all honesty, the Niners should win this game. But in all honesty, both teams are pretty bad. Still, the Niners are a few notches more consistent than the Seahawks. San Fran wins.

IND 3-3 at TEN 6-0

It’s make or break time for the Colts. I believe it’s wake up time for the Titans who have been riding a fairly easy schedule. I’ll take the Colts to pull off what most people will call an upset by getting the victory.



10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set up

October 24, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff · Leave a Comment 

Not Guilty10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set up

Santonio Holmes has recently been suspended for Marijuana possession when he was pulled over by a police officer. But I say he is not guilty and shouldn’t be suspended here is why.

1. It is clear the officer was a Giants fan and he planted the drugs to take him out of this weeks game.

2. Citing conspiracy as this is America so how would he be able to get marijuana when it is ILLEGAL

3. Ray Lewis said that if he didn’t get high with him he would put a bounty on him too.

4. The weed that they confiscated was dirt weed Santonio only smokes stickiest of the icky.

5. Ricky Williams was not the passenger in the car so their couldn’t have been any weed.

ricky williams 10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set upHe looks high

6. They say he handed the officer Blounts but what they didn’t say was that they were Blounts’ cards

as in Mel Blount the Steelers Hall of Fame Corner Back.

7. He fell prey to an e-mail scam disguised as a letter from Roger Goodell saying weed no longer is against NFL rules.

8. He didn’t realize that he was driving Bam Morris’ car.

bam morris2 10 Reasons Santonio Holmes was set up Remember this guy

9. He could have swore that the blunts were just roles of quarters

10. If he doesn’t have the hand eye coordination to catch a ball how can he roll a blunt?