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Eric Mangini fired…..Why?:

December 30, 2008 by MadisonMadnuff 

Well a number of coaches have gotten the boot this week, in the growing trend of NFL teams with a “win now or go somewhere else” policy.  While there are a lot of the coaches who have gotten fired this year that I don’t argue with, the Mangini firing really gets under my skin.  If you look back through the times and recently;  you will notice one ongoing g trend, “Bad teams have high coaching turnover”.  This is because the owners of the teams get rid of the coaches who aren’t winning.  However with Eric Mangini this was not the case,  Mangini managed to get to the playoffs his first year as a head coach, and had a winning record this year.    The Jets are far from a talented football team they have many holes player wise,  “mostly on defense” but out of shear coaching genius he has managed to win games .     The Jets did not give him enough time to build and perfect his system.  Especially as a first time head coach, it takes time go through what works and what does not, the Jets did not give Mangini that chance.



When teams fire coaches in the second and third year they create a self fulfilling prophecy.  As mentioned before perennially bad teams have high coaching turnovers.  This is because often when one of these teams gets a good coach they do not give him a chance to succeed.  I feel that if you have confidence in the person you higher to be your head coach you give them a minimum of five years to turn things around and if during those five years they are winning and going to the playoffs you keep them.   Often even when a new coach is winning like Mangini, the team still fires them because they did not win the Super Bowl.  Take a look at Marty Schottenheimer (who coincidently is being looked at by the jets),and the Chargers, the Chargers still do not have a Super Bowl after hiring Norv Turner and just barely made it to the Playoffs this year.  If they would have kept Marty on board I fell that they would have their Super Bowl by now. 

 eric mangini Eric Mangini fired…..Why?:


Simply put it is time for a change in the NFL, look at teams like Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, New England, Carolina, and Denver.  These are teams that stick with their coaches and in doing so give themselves a chance to win the Super Bowl every year.   With the exception of Carolina and Tennessee all of these teams have won Super Bowls in the past 12 years and at best all you can hope for is 1 Super Bowl every 15 years.  In the end Mangini will land at a team that will allow him the time to win and you will see that he becomes a Super Bowl champion.  In the end teams need to stick with their talented coaches and stand behind them and they will get their coveted prize, the respect of the NFL for being loyal to their staff, and the love of their fans for winning the Championship.


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