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The Empire

April 21, 2009 by Theboinger · 1 Comment 

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

You can always tell who built the empire and who inherited it. Art imitates life on the silver screen in just such a scenario in countless movies we have seen over the years. Too many to list, I can tell you this: Alec Baldwin and Hugh Grant would be the perfect douche-bags to play Henry “Hankenstein” and Hal Steinbrenner. Hank and Hal, in just under three years time, have completely ruined the greatest sports franchise of all time. They have taken away the heart and soul of the most passionate fans in baseball. Leaving most of them on the outside looking in (from the Hard Rock Cafe). To take away Yankee Stadium from Yankee fans is like taking away the Coliseum from Romans. Or like taking away hope from Mets fans. (Aww too soon?) And for what?

Rich In History The Coliseum Still Evokes Awe In Its Visitors

Rich In History The Coliseum Still Evokes Awe In Its Visitors

A team rich with history and tradition and all its glory now has as much mystique and aura in their “New” park as their kid sister’s place over in Queens. This is worse than when Michael Corleone died, slumped over in a chair at his Palazzo in Sicily in Godfather III and Sonny’s bastard son took over the family. You sit there watching the whole thing in disbelief. Wondering the whole time how could things be so bad and why you have not turned it off yet. You can’t! It’s the Godfather!

You see what I’m sayin? Watch what I’m tellin you.

Michael Sits Dead

Michael Sits Dead

Hank and Hal have destroyed all that was good about the Yankees. They have made the Yankees everything everyone ever accused them of being when in fact they were not. Worst of all they threw their fans under the bus in the process. In 10 or 15 years Hank and Hal will sell the team to another yet undeserving “collared shirt” who knows nothing about baseball or its history or his responsibility to it as the owner of what once was the greatest franchise in sports.

The Only Crime Was Building That Ridiculous Ode To George Next Door

The Only Crime Was Building That Ridiculous Ode To George Next Door

This I know for sure will never be the case in the “New Yankee Stadium”:  “…nothing is as compelling as walking into Yankee Stadium and taking a deep breath as you feel the chills run through your body at the first sight of that perfectly groomed green checkered grass. Or the feel of Royalty and Excellence that surround and embrace you when seated in the in the dark blue cathedral in the Bronx simply known as “The Stadium”

That First Glimpse Through The Tunnel Was Always The Best

That First Glimpse Through The Tunnel Was Always The Best

Bunch Of Stiffs

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Nick Swisher Is The Jack Black Of Baseball

Nick Swisher Is The Jack Black Of Baseball

The New York Yankees are in unfamiliar territory. Their own home field. Mystique and Aura no longer appearing nightly. Usually played at 161st and River the World Series will surely not be held in the Bronx this year. The Yankees just plain suck. From top to bottom they are a disaster of a team with less identity then the New York Jets. Now that is hard to do.

Nick Swisher has become a folk hero overnight. He is more of a “true yankee” than Giambi Mussina and A-Rod combined and he has been in the Bronx for 3 days. And he is doing it while the team is struggling to even get out of its own way.

Joe Girardi is not managing this team like the guy who won manager of the year in 2006. Where is the Billy Martin in him that we all heard about? You can see in his press conferences and hear it in his voice. He is not himself. You cannot manage like that and win at the major league level. PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN JOE! Step on some toes and get the zoo going man. Tell Hal and Hank to go build some ships and leave the team decisions to you. MANAGE HOW YOU WANNA MANAGE!

Joba: Give it up, you are not a starter. You have the make up of a closer. A big guy with a mean attitude that can crank it up for an inning or two and be untouchable 3 or 4 times a week. Take your place behind Mo while he keeps the seat warm for you. The transition will be seamless… like your fastball after the 3rd inning.

Derek Jeter: Just admit you do not belong in the leadoff spot and you should probably be batting closer to the bottom if not last itself. Joe DiMaggio walked away at your age instead of holding on or taking a lesser role. And those were just whispers. What you are hearing is a LOUD ROAR! You have a caddie now? WOW! That in itself speaks volumes.

Jorge Posada: Give it up man. Molina is a great defensive catcher. You have nothing to prove. You could not throw guys out before you got hurt. Not one person expects you to throw anyone out now or cares if you do. just except the role of DH and back up firstbaseman/catcher and we can move on.

Johnny Damon: Feelin the love now Johnny?

Brett Gardner: Can you have a bigger hole that lefty loop? Shorten up the bat, choke up and be a hitter and get on base. Come on man didn’t you see Major League?

Melky Cabrera: You had to know last year you were competing for your job. You are not a centerfielder. But an outfielder nonetheless. They went out and got Nady and Swisher gave your job to Gardner and offered you in at least two trades. You think you could lose a pound?

A-Rod: take your time

I could go on but it’s not worth it. If you grew up in the late 70’s and suffered through the 80’s like I did watching this team you know that this team is far from greatness. World Series? Yeah right. They wont even make the playoffs. Yes it’s April and I said it.

Prove me wrong!

Greener Pastures For Jeter?

March 1, 2009 by Theboinger · 1 Comment 

Derek Jeter Has What It Takes To Play Centerfield

Derek Jeter has been the main man at SS ever since he arrived on the scene in New York. Yet, without a title to show for it in the past eight seasons Jeter is feeling the heat. He spent the first eight years of his carrer taking a beating from fans and media. The topic of conversation almost nightly on New York talk radio would always spawn the debate of who was the best shortstop in baseball. Through all the frenzy though give Jeter credit, he outlasted them all. Silencing most if not all of his critics. Looking back, any one of those guys would give it all back for Jeter’s resume.

1 Greener Pastures For Jeter?

Now, those who were silenced have a new focus which stirs their whispering. Jeter’s demise as a shortstop. In fact the whispering is turning into quite a low roar. It was hard to see at first but if you were baseball savvy you saw the writing on the wall. A revolving door on aging veteran outfielders trying to not so gingerly replace Bernie Williams. A huge albatross in Jason Giambi at first base which ulitmately cost Bernie Williams the chance to write his own ending to his Yankee legacy. Tension, angst and ego’s clashing between Jeter and A-Rod blanketed most of the problems. Compounded by the colossal loss in the 2004 ALCS to the Boston Red Sox.

Although I would not have expected Jeter to step aside at shortstop it would have been a tremendous gesture both as a teammate and as a Yankee. He would not be the first Yankees great to move from the infield to the outfield nor would he be the first Hall Of Fame shortstop to do so. Nevertheless it is a no brainer right now. Jeter plays shortstop like a free safety who is not afraid to tackle a fire hydrant. Perhaps not the most talented, he is clearly the most versatile athlete on the field. The Yankees have themselves a gift that could solve all their outfield problems. Robin Yount a true power hitting shortstop made the move because of a shoulder problem and still took in another MVP in center for the Brewers. Jeter does not have to win the MVP or hit home runs in center or left to prove he is a winner but surely he would play like one.

Make the move Derek! If you want to win another World Series you have to do it like you have done it in the past. Take it on your shoulders. Prove to be worthy of the “C”. Put your ego away and put this team on your back and take them and your career, home!

Manny To The Yankees

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Manny Ramirez Awaits A Suiter

Manny Ramirez Awaits A Suiter

If it is going to happen the Yankees are taking steps to allow for it as we speak. Today we learned that the Washington Nationals were intrested in aquiring RF Xavier Nady and IF/OF Nick Swisher from the New York Yankees. While the details are undefined as of yet surely this move would make room for Manny Ramirez in the Yankees overcrowded outfield while still preserving young talents Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner. Certainly, either of the two if not both could as well be packaged in a deal that would end with Ramirez signing with New York. A sign and trade would be unlikely as is usually not the case in MLB. However, it would be premature to rule it out. Look for the Yankees to bring home the Bronx native before the Super Bowl.

New York Yankees Then And Now

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Jason Giambi Ready To Sign


Jason Giambi Ready To Sign

In 1998 the New York Yankees had the most successful MLB season from start to finish. With the perfect mixture of home grown talent and savvy free agent signings they plowed their way through the regular season and kept on rolling straight through the post season to a World Series Championship. A team that won 114 games during the regular season and had zero starters in the 1998 MLB All-Star game.

While it was true that the Yankees had spent money fill voids at second and third base the money well spent was on their bench. While most teams owners were unable or unwilling to keep up with the George Steinbrenner branch of the Bank Of New York, even the teams that could and would were no match for the money the Yankees could spend on filling their bench.

In 1998 the Yankees spent roughly $9,000,000 on players like Tim Raines, Chili Davis, Louis Sojo, and Joe Girardi. Lest we not forget the important contributions of players such as Ricky Ledee, Shane Spencer and Homer Bush. However, as it stands now those ever so important role players pale in comparison to the stars of yester-year. While they may be serviceable players such as Nick Swisher, Jose Molina, and Cody Ransom even home grown “talent” such as Melky Cabrera, Juan Miranda and Brett Gardner fall short of the standard set by the 1998 Yankees.

The log jam the Yankees have created for themselves in the outfield is the now the albatross they had for the past 3 seasons with Giambi. Although they have ”cut” payroll so far this season the Yankees must still find a way to solidify their outfield while also shoring up their bench. A perfect example is the 2009 version of Jason Giambi. Ten years ago it would have been a foregone conclusion that Giambi would have ended up in pinstripes this Winter. And at $4,000,000 for the year for Oakland that is a steal.

Off the bench Nick Swisher is a good start for the Yankees and a step in the right direction towards winning a 27th World Series Championship. However, I feel they still fall short of being complete just yet until they are able to round out the bench to compliment their high priced arsenal.

Manny Manny Manny

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Manny being Manny

Manny being Manny

Where for art thou Manny? HA! Well, I thought for sure they would have done it. I thought for sure Manny would be a Yankee by now. At one time I could not stand him. Now I find myself wondering why I am upset I could not wish my fellow Yankee fans a “Manny Christmas”. Offensive, is it not?

Well, Manny sure brings plenty of offense. How this guy could be so productive at the plate and not yield a contract in New York by now is beyond me. Yankees, Mets, even the Braves or Orioles I thought would make a run or have a shot. Now that the market has fallen out from beneath him Manny is looking at playing somewhere for far less money than he could have imagined or playing for a team that will give him his money but that he does not want to play for.

Good luck San Francisco. You deserve him! Maybe you can “inject” him into your line-up the same way you did Barry Bonds.

What do you think? Do you want Manny on your team?