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Minor Moves leads to Big Moral in the Big Apple

February 19, 2009 by Jay K · 1 Comment 

The Future of the New York Knicks is looking bright

The Future of the New York Knicks is looking bright

As a New York resident and long time anti-Knick basketball person, I must admit today I am proud to say that the Knicks aren’t that bad anymore.  I know… some of you guys are thinking this guy is crazy!! Well maybe just a little, but the Knicks are looking to be moving up from doormat to a middle-of-the-road team now.  Sure it’s not a huge turnaround but progress is made in baby steps. 

Chris Wilcox brings his 8.4 ppg and 5.3 rpg to NY

Chris Wilcox brings his 8.4 ppg and 5.3 rpg to NY

In exchange for Malik Rose (1.7 ppg/1.7 rpg/over 8.9 min) and cash consideration, the Knicks boosted thier front court by adding a solid rebounding and low post defender in Chris Wilcox.  By no means is he a superstar, he is infact the opposite, he is just a role player.  But he is a solid role player and he plays hard and he is athletic which fits in perfectly into Mike D’Antoni’s system.  With Wilcox in the picture they can now remove Jeffries from his duties at center and pull him off the bench or utilize him as a perimeter defender (which is why he was brought to NY in the first place). 

From a financial standpoint the Knicks lost about $900,000 in cap space since Rose had a larger contract than Wilcox.  However, Rose was clearly not being used by the Knicks and because the bottom half of the Eastern Conference race for the 8th spot is so tight the addition of Wilcox can help them make that late season push.

Larry Hughes is currently averaging 12.0 ppg/ 3.10 rpg/ 2.0 apg

Larry Hughes is currently averaging 12.0 ppg/ 3.10 rpg/ 2.0 apg

The move for Larry Hughes is a lot like a bittersweet moment.  The Knicks needed to fill the void at the two guard since the departure of Jamal Crawford, but essentially they got back a similar player in return.  Over his career Hughes has average 31 mpg and shoots 41%.  Although Knicks fans can rejoice because Jerome James has finally left the building, but I’m not so sure it was good move.  Wilson Chandler is having a coming out party this year and to insert Hughes into the lineup over Chandler would hinder his development and possible New York’s longterm plans.  The only way they could utilize Hughes properly is to plug him into the three spot and have him start over Q. Rich who is shooting an abismal 38.5% this year over 28.7 mpg.  The only other plus I see to this is that Larry Hughes was regarded as a top notch perimeter defender and steals leader back when he was in Washington.  However, that was almost 3 years ago and Hughes is clearly slowing down in that department, but yet still relatively effective.

Financially this trade has no real rammifications unless if Jerome James decides to retire in advance, in which it would seem that Chicago has gotten the best of New York once again in these swaps that we constantly have with one another. 

Yet in spite of all my negativity I will say this.  Donnie Walsh has made his plan very clear.  Let D’Antoni pick the supplies he wants to make dinner with, and he’ll go out and get them.  The addition of these two players has added greater athleticism and extended the depth of the bench.  The greatest benefit is that it does not hurt them in the run for 2010 and has created greater excitement for NY basketball fans, in hopes that the Knicks can make the playoffs this year.  The only real question is: why bother making the playoffs when your going to end up playing the Celtics or the Cavs in the first round?

Mike D’Antoni Infuses New Life into the New York Knicks

November 9, 2008 by AlexV · Leave a Comment 

Mike D'Antoni has made good so far in his tenure with the Knicks as Head Coach.

Mike D'Antoni has made good so far in his first stint with the Knicks.

So far this season, the New York Knicks are 4-2 and have posted some very impressive victories. The latest of which came earlier when the Knicks knocked off the Utah Jazz at Madison Square Garden by a score of 107-99 earlier today.

In the Knicks’ four victories they have averaged 110.5 points per game, and all have been quite convincing. Those kinds of numbers seem to be a direct reflection of a Mike D’Antoni coached team. Everyone who watches basketball knows what kinds of numbers the Suns put up when D’Antoni was in Phoenix.

Many people may have criticized D’Antoni and his decision to have starting point guard Stephon Marbury sit out. However, the players seem to be finding their roles under the steady direction of a more true point guard, if not nearly as talented, in Chris Duhon.

Hopefully for the Knicks, they can continue to build of this success.

Say it Ain’t Joe!? A Farewell to Yankee Stadium?

September 22, 2008 by sportsroids · Leave a Comment 

The Boinger

So they said farewell last night to Yankee Stadium. Some people could care less others in my opinion care a little too much. I could go on about feeling sentimental for concrete and steel but that is not what I am here for today. Yesterday was a farewell to “The Stadium” and all that came to pass there. A chance to look back and reflect on all the wonderful moments in its history and a chance for fans to not only show their appreciation but for the Yankees organization to thank its fans as well as stick out their chest a big and blow some hot air.

I just have one question:

Last night a Salute to the Stadium? A Proper SportsRoids Salute to Joe Torre

Last night a Salute to the Stadium? A Proper SportsRoids Salute to Joe Torre

Where was Joe Torre? I know he is in L.A. taking the Dodgers to the post season but where was Joe Torre? There was no Joe Torre in the video montage. No one even mentioned his name. How do you say goodbye to Yankee Stadium, recognize everyone that came from start to finish including all of Joe Torre’s players who won those 4 World Championships and all the celebrated managers that came before him and NOT MENTION HIM?

That is just terrible. I mean they dragged out a bunch of stiffs to represent every dead Yankee legend as well as spouses and children of deceased players. They had some of the oldest living Yankees in attendance and no Torre? Even Mattingly was missed if you blinked. That is a disgrace to me, one of Joe Torre’s biggest and toughest critics. The man gave the team everything he had. Opened his entire personal life up to the team and its fans. Ate slept and breathed NEW YORK for 12 seasons and that is how you say goodbye?

Ye 'ole Yankee Stadium

Ye 'ole Yankee Stadium. Majestic, but a Proper Farewell?